October 15, 2010

Being with You is Everything…

If you haven’t read my other stories, you may want to know why I wrote that title. It isn’t for nothing. I have a very long history of why being with my husband means so much to me. I am Indonesian, and my husband—Antonio—is Spanish. We began dating on March 7, 2008. Well, we actually started to know each other in December 2007, where he sent me a message on my Badoo (a networking site, such as Facebook and Twitter).

Our relationship is, for some people, funny. And why is it so? It’s because we never met each other personally when we began dating. We knew each other only by emails and chats that we did almost every day. In fact, he never saw me through webcam because I wasn’t confident enough to do so. But I saw him once or twice through webcam, and he knew my face only by my photos. I hope he wasn’t disappointed.

Our first meeting happened in September 2008, where we had been dating for 6 months. He came to Indonesia for 1 month. During that month, I knew him better and I loved him more than ever before. When he had to return to Spain, it was the hardest time in my life. I even cried a week before the day he returned, and of course, some days after that. Yet, thank God because He always guided us through all those days and so we kept communicating every day.

It wasn’t easy at all, living my life far from the one I dearly love so much. Our second meeting happened even worse: we didn’t meet each other for 15 months since our first meeting. It was difficult and there was so much missing and loneliness and longing to see him day after day. Until finally, in December 2009, he visited me again in Indonesia. It got even better because he proposed me on my birthday.

Theoretically, Antonio and I only saw each other 3 times before we got married. However, even though I didn’t see him as often as a normal couple does, I felt very comfortable when I was with him. And so, I have no doubt to choose him as the one.

That is why, being with Antonio means a lot to me, because we used to be separated for some years, because we didn’t see each other often. I love being him because he makes me feel secure and safe. I love looking at his face, seeing him smiling, listening to his voice, or even hugging and kissing him. I feel that I want to be with him in every single time of my life because I miss him even though he is near, and that makes me want to be beside him even more.

I don’t mind living in a totally different side where I used to live, as long as I can live with him. I just want to spend the rest of my life with him, being a great wife for him, a great mother for our children, giving him happiness and the things he needs. I know that we are not perfect, and neither am I, but I am willing to love him perfectly with all the love I have inside me.

P.S: Te amo…
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