October 15, 2010

Feliz Cumplemes!!!

Happy first-month anniversary!!!

Today is exactly 1 month after we got married. Things go fantastic so far and I am enjoying so much being a wife. Well, we are still in Jogja now, so we practically don’t have a lot of things to do. We normally spend our time at home, watching movies, playing games, browsing the Internet, eating, sleeping… Well, normal stuff. I know it’s quite boring sometimes, but I always try to enjoy the moments.

In the morning, when I open my eyes, I thank God for bringing my husband into my life. I feel so grateful to see him next beside me—sleeping. It’s funny actually knowing some of his behaviors when he’s sleeping. For example, he always sleeps with his mouth opens, hahaha… It’s not without a reason, anyway. He does this because he has a kind of problem in his nose. I think his nose is too big and the holes are too small so that the air can’t go inside easily, hehehe…

Next, he sometimes talks to himself when he’s sleeping. This is funny, I tell you. One day, in the middle of the night, I heard him saying, “Vamos en el coche, compramos pollos” which means “We go by car and buy chickens,” hahahaha… This is hilarious! I told him this when he woke up the next morning, and he thought that I was making fun of him. Or just like what happened this morning, when he spoke something in Spanish—I don’t really know what it was—and not so long after that, he laughed! Hahaha… I wish I knew what he was dreaming…

As a good wife, of course, I like making him something for breakfast. Well, even though I can’t cook well, making something for breakfast isn’t that difficult, anyway. Normally I make toast—with chocolate and cheese, or sometimes I make Chocolate Banana. Well, it´s simple. Just fry some bananas with a little butter, then put some chocolate and cheese on it when it’s done. He likes this banana.

And since today is special, I woke up a bit earlier, then I went to a bakery near my house, and I bought a small chocolate cake. On the top of it, I put “Feliz Cumplemes” that I wrote on a piece of paper.
There’s nothing much to do today, perhaps because it’s still at 13.45 here in Jogja. Well, I hope he will take me to a romantic dinner at night, hehehe…

Feliz cumplemes, mi Wapo!!! Today we celebrate the first month of our wedding. It’s a little still, but I want to have so many anniversaries in the future with you. Thank you for being with me through all this time, where we have shared so many things—laughs, smiles, joy, tears… Thank you for loving me and being my lovely husband… Te amo mucho… ^_______^ 

the half-eaten cake... :))

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