October 09, 2010

Meeting You is a Fate: A Love Tale

Once upon a time, there was a chubby-cheeked young woman called Dea. She lived in an old house in Jogjakarta, a small village in Indonesian Kingdom. Dea was a cheerful woman, yet moody at the same time. Though she had many friends, she had always longed for a true love. It had been 22 years where she spent her life all alone, and she could see some of her friends going out with their lovely man every night. She felt jealous at them sometimes, but she kept believing that one day her prince charming would come and spread love to her life.

Dea believed in true love, that it would come in the right moment. She believed that though she did not have a gentle man who would spend the rest of his life with her, she would find him somewhere. One thing that accompanied her during her lonely days was a tale book called “The Princess Diaries.” The book told a story about a princess called Mia who finally found her true love in an ordinary yet wonderful man named Michael.

Sometimes, before she went to bed, she imagined that she was Princess Mia, and Michael would be her prince. Michael was perfectly described in that book. He was young and gorgeous, had a very good heart and sense of humour, and he was intelligent as well. And most of all, he treated Mia as a princess she could never imagine everyone would treat her, in a loving and romantic way.

Dea, like any other normal women, wanted so dearly to have a life partner as Michael. She prayed every day, that one day God would send her a lovely Michael in the real world. She did not stop believing that Michael would come to her life and love her with all the love in the world. She wrote in her diary every night, a list of her perfect Michael. She described this Michael so perfectly so that she would smile by her own every time she added more lists.

It was a normal day when she met someone accidently through her crystal ball; a ball which had magic power to let her know other people from other kingdoms. She saw this man, whom she knew later named as Antonio, and she was excited to know this man. He came from the Spain Kingdom, a kingdom which took 20 hours flying with the giant birds to reach her kingdom.

Dea and Antonio regularly talked through that crystal ball. She was acting normally. She did not even have any single special feeling for Antonio. But one thing that she did not know; Antonio had already felt something to her. He was attracted to her unique personality where she really could be a mature woman yet childish at the same time. This uniqueness caught his heart and he knew that he had to let her know what he really felt.

Then one day, Antonio put all his courage to tell her that he fell in love with her. She, who always thought that he was just a friend, said “No.” Antonio accepted her decision, yet still tried his best to win her heart. And Dea, still with all of her imagination about her Michael in the real world, acted normally as something never happened.

But Dea had never known that the man she had been rejected was her real Michael. It was when Antonio ignored her, when she finally knew her heart had whispered his name. She ran to her crystal ball and told him what she really felt. And of course, still having the love for her, Antonio was glad to know that he could finally win her heart.

Days went by, and Dea was happy to have Antonio. One day, she opened her diary once again, and there she read, in that tiny handwriting she made, the lists of her perfect Michael. As she read those lists one by one, she realized that her Michael in the real world had transformed into a loving man named Antonio, a man who treated her like a real princess as what Michael did to Mia.

She closed that book and put it on the shelf where it always was. Smiling, she ran to her crystal ball, could not wait to tell Antonio how she loved him so dearly so much. It was fate which brought them together. And it was fate which united them despite all the far away distance.
After all, love would not go anywhere but inside the heart of a person who believes in it.

© Based on a true story, with some adjustments and dramatic effects.

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