October 09, 2010

Trilogy of a Love Story: The Beginning

It was a normal day in December 2007 when I went to the Internet cafe and browsed for more friends in Badoo. But I guess I didn’t know if it would be the day where my life would change. As I moved the mouse to a button called “Message”, I still thought that there would only be normal people who contacted me. Some people who wrote “Hi.. How are you?” or some people who said “You look so nice, wanna chat?” But when I looked at that one new message, I knew that it was different.

It was just a regular message indeed. But the way the sender wrote implied that he is a really nice guy. And to tell the truth, I was excited when I read his profile. “He’s Spanish!!!” I thought, since I am always crazy about Spanish men (they’re cute, LOL). Then I read his message. It was in Spanish, but I could understand it a little (I’ve learned Spanish since I was in high school). He seemed nice, and he said that he would like to know more about Indonesia. He even offered me to teach Spanish. For free, of course.

Then I replied his message. I said, “Hola, soy Dea. Lo siento, no hablo español bien. Hablas ingles?” Well, this is my standard sentence when I talk to Spanish people. “I’m sorry, I can’t speak Spanish well. Do you speak English?” I went home after sending that message and really didn’t expect anything.

A few days later, I went back to check my e-mail and Badoo. I got another message from him, and I could see that he was online as well. Then I said, “Hola!” and he replied. We talked about regular things about Spain and Indonesia, mostly about the culture. What language did we use?? Spanglish! Hahaha... Well, I spoke in English (and a little Spanish sometimes), and he spoke in Spanish (he didn’t know much English at that time). It was weird, actually, but seemed funny. In fact, I guess we both enjoyed it.

We were friends since then. We regularly sent e-mails though we didn’t have a normal chat in Messengers. They were just normal e-mails, still about the culture and tradition, but little by little we began to speak about our own lives.

Then on a day in February, he told me that he fell in love with me. I was like, “WHAT?!?! How come??” I guess it was the first time when someone (a male, sure) told me that he loved me. I didn’t know before that I do have the same feeling, that I love him as well, so I wrote him an e-mail that he calls as ‘a diplomatic no’.

We kept sending e-mail still, until I felt that he was ignoring me. He did not reply my SMS nor e-mail. Then I felt like, “What happen?? What’s wrong with me? What is it that I feel?” My best friend saw me and she said, “Ey, look at you! You’re pathetic! Don’t you realize now that you love him?” And I was like, “AAHH!! So this is why I feel so uncomfortable when he ignores me, seems like there is someone punching my heart with a big trunk of wood.” Right on that day, I wrote him an e-mail, saying that I do have the same feeling as his.

It was on March 7, 2008, in the morning, when I received an SMS from him, saying that he had sent me an e-mail. I rashly went to Internet cafe and checked my e-mail. There, on my pink Yahoo Mail design, I read the title, “YES, MY NEW REPLY and my e-mail of yesterday”. Even without reading it yet, I knew what he meant. And we’re couples ever since.

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