October 09, 2010

Trilogy of a Love Story: The Meeting

So here we were, a couple for 6 months, but had never seen each other for real yet. How was it like?? Mmm... a bit complicated, sure. Well, we are lucky because now we have Internet. And thanks to Mr. Yahoo Messenger and Mrs. MSN Messenger for letting us speak almost every day. But being a couple and never see each other?? For some people, they will think, “Iuuuhh... What kind of relationship is it??” But well... taa raaa... we experienced it.

Having this kind of relationship for 6 months was a miracle. Why? Well, imagine. You trust your heart completely to someone that you have never met before. You only know him/her through what he/she says. You will not know who he/she is for real. Perhaps he/she is not as good as what he/she shows for Internet.

For the first six months, Antonio and I spoke almost everyday through Messengers. And really, we didn’t use a webcam. Well, ok, he showed himself in webcam sometimes, but I didn’t. I guess I had lack of confident to show the real me. That’s why, he knew me just for the photos I put in Badoo. And somehow, it’s a blessing that he still put his trust on me. Well, he could have thought that the person in the photos were not me. Perhaps, I could have taken those photos from the Internet and put them there.

But we longed so much a normal relationship as the other couples have. We really wanted to meet each other for real. Therefore, Antonio decided to come to Indonesia in September 2008. I was so excited to know that we would finally see each other. I prepared all things he might need during his visit; provide a good hotel, make a list of restaurants, and other things.

Then the so-waited day came. It was on September 11, 2008. I went to Jakarta to pick him up in the airport (who knows that he would get lost, hehehe...). I did my best make-up I could make, wore the best dress I could wear, and even practiced some welcoming dialogues. It looked crazy, but I was really nervous. I went to the airport by taxi, wishing that the plane would not get any delays. As I arrived there, I searched the information board, and I could read there “KLM 17.00 landed”. It was his plane!!! I was more nervous as I waited for him at the arrival gate. My heart seemed to beat for 150km/h.

Then I saw him, over the people passing by, wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans, pulling his green-eye-catching travel bag, and looking as if he was looking for someone (sure he was looking for me). I put myself farther from the group of people there, and I waved my hand. He saw me and he walked toward me!!! I swear, I felt like my knees went so weak. I felt like I could have just fainted there.

He was so different from what I saw in webcam. He was definitely much more handsome than any of his photos in Badoo. As I tried to calm myself down, he came to me, said, “Hai, apa kabar?” kissed me in the cheek, and hugged me. Yes, he hugged me, in front of so many people!!! I was soooo shy!! I am not used to this kind of situation, sure.

Well, we acted a bit awkward at the beginning. It was normal, I guess. Even though we were couples for 6 months, we had never seen each other for real and it made us nervous. But then we talked and talked so much, and the situation was getting better. He gave me a silver bracelet which I never put off (except when I played volley).

And the most waited part happened... I GOT MY FIRST KISS!! Really it was a first kiss because I had never kissed someone (except my parents, and perhaps nieces or nephews) for 22 years!! Hahaha... How pathetic I was!!

But it was ok. My waiting was worth it. I get the best man everyone can ever imagine ^^
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