October 09, 2010

Trilogy of a Love Story: The Proposal

It was December 15, 2009, the day that we both had been waiting for so long. Antonio retuned to Indonesia again. I was so happy and excited for the fast few weeks before this day. I prepared almost the same things as I did the other year. However, I did not go to Jakarta this time since he had already experienced Indonesia. I just bought a Garuda ticket for him and he could go to Jogja by himself.

Then there I was, waiting nervously at the airport, always looking at my watch every 5 minutes, wondering when he would arrive from Jakarta, and not to mention, the desire to pee (it is normal when I am nervous).  Thank God I sent him an Indonesian simcard so that he could contact me right after he landed in Jakarta. And this was it. The time came. It was at 20.35 when I heard the announcement, “Garuda Number 207 has landed from Jakarta.”

I rashly ran to the arrival gate. I waited and waited, but then my mobile phone rang. It was him!!

Me : Si, Wapo?

Antonio : (panic) Uuuff... Maaf, Princess. I cannot go to Jogja now. It rains so much here. The plan is delayed.

Me : (knowing that he lied) Oh, really?? Too bad... Sure you’re lying now. Then whose plane is it now? It looks like your plane.

Antonio : (still sounded panic) This is true, eh. Why don’t you believe me?

Me : Of course I don’t. I see you now over there (cut the call)

Then I saw him once again for real. He was there, with his blue polo-shirt (my favourite) and the same green eye-catching travel bag. Again, my heart bit faster than ever, perhaps 170 km/h. And as he walked toward me, closer and closer, I held my breath. And when he kissed my cheek and hugged me, and I could feel of being his in his arms once again and smell his lovely smell again, all that missing disappeared. All the waiting for 15 months had gone. It vanished away through the warm of his body next to mine.

Antonio stayed in my house this time. We thought that it would be good so that he and my family would know each other better. It was funny to see him dealing with Indonesian things, such as the bathroom and the toilet (note: I don’t have shower nor bath-up). It was more normal for him if he stayed in the hotel, but he said that he was ok staying in my house. And sure, I could spend more time with him as well, almost for 24 hours!! Yiipppyyy!!!

It was a morning on January 7, 2010. I was still sleeping when I felt a very gentle touch on my lips. And when I opened my eyes, there was he, smiling and said, “Happy birthday, Cintaku,” and kissed me. I was like, “Aaaahhh... I am ugly now!!! I haven’t brush my hair!!!” Well, I worried much about my look in the morning, obviously, hehehe...

But then he said, “Ey, no problem, eh. Come on, get up now.” Then he put something out of his pocket. He opened it, and it was a pair of necklace with our initial. He put one necklace on my neck and said, “Happy anniversary, Princess.”

Uuff... Honestly, I really hoped that he would give me something different. Well, ok, I was waiting that he would give me a ring while said, “Will you marry me?” But well, I was happy enough to get that necklace. I have a silver necklace with an A initial, and he has the D initial.

Well, the thing is that, we bought the ring together two days before because he wanted to make sure that I got the exact size. But still, he picked up the model because I wanted this to be a surprise for me. He kept the ring with him right after we went to the jewellery shop, and left me wondering “When will he give me this ring?”

I had a simple birthday party with my friends in the evening. We went together, and we ate, we made jokes. Then on the way home, he asked, “Can we return by cart? We can go around while.” But I said, “It’s late already, Wapo. It’s better if we go home now,” since it was already 23.00. He said ok, then we returned home like nothing would happen. But deep inside my heart, I was still wondering, “When will he give me the ring?” How sad...

I was putting my earrings off when he entered my room. He put his hands at his back. He said, “Dea, do you want... do you want...” And he kept smiling like crazy. I was like, “Is this it?? Is he proposing me now??” Then he continued, “Do you want to eat this Spongebob chocolate?” while taking out a stick of Spongebob chocolate from his back. And I was like, “Oh, nope, I am full.” Well, a bit disappointed, sure. Or perhaps very disappointed, hehehe...

But he kept grinning, and it was getting wider and wider. I thought he was hiding some. And I was right. He asked me again, “Maukan kau kawin denganku?”

I was shocked. I was silent for some seconds before I finally laughed a lot. I said, “You should not say ‘Maukan kau kawin denganku’ eh. But ‘Maukah kau menikah denganku’” I kept laughing and laughing. Then he said, “OK, OK... Maukah kau menikah denganku?” he repeated. But I said, “Ey, no romantic, eh. You should say it with all your heart. And get down on your knees.” I could not stop laughing still.

But then he got down on his knees, his eyes looking at me so deep, and he said, “Princess, maukah kau menikah denganku?”

I, still tried not to laugh, said “Yes, Wapo.”

“FINALLY!” he said, spreading his arms, he seemed so relieved. He was so funny this time. Then we hugged (and kissed, sure, hehehe...). He got up from his knees and put the ring on my finger; a very beautiful gold ring with four small diamonds in the middle. “Don’t sell it, ok!” he said in jokes.

Yeah, like I will... ^^
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