October 09, 2010

Ugly and the Sloppy Price: Part 1

In a far far away small kingdom named Hippopotamia, lives a young woman called Ugly. Her real name is Shine, but people in her neighbourhood call her so because she has got a lot of terrible marks on her face. They say that her marks are of a curse given for her because she is a mean and cruel woman. They believe that she will bring such a horrible disaster for those who stay near her so they always expel her from the society. She always gets mocked whenever she appears. Sometimes when she goes to market in town, other people will stare at her disgustingly as if she is a nasty creature who is not equal as human. Or even sometimes they will yell at her angrily and ask her to leave.

Therefore, she lives far from those people. She stays in a small hut in the forest where people cannot see her and she does not have to meet them either. However, even though she feels so sad, ignored and unwanted, she is grateful because she is not alone. In the forest, she has so many friends who will not feel afraid or disgust to her face. They are Liam the rabbit, Ethan the snake, Mason the turtle, and Jasper the owl. These animals are her only friends who always accompany her and cheer her. They love Ugly as their own family and they do not want any bad things happen to her.

These animals love to Ugly’s stories. Yes, Ugly is good at telling stories. Sometimes she will tell a story about a pirate who can conquer other worlds with his magical sword. Another time she will tell a story about a warrior who saves a village from a cruel witch. But most of all, the most favourite story which the animals love to hear over and over again is a story of an ugly princess who gets cursed and can only be saved by a true love kiss.

“Come on, Ugly,” says Jasper excitedly, “Tell us again about the story. I want to hear it again.”

Ugly stares at him curiously. “But, don’t you get bored with that story? I’ve been telling that story for millions times. I’m sure you know the story quite well already,” she says.

“Well, yes… But your story is so fantastic. It seems very real and I’m always excited when I listen to this story,” explained Ethan.

Ugly laughs shyly while looking at those animals’ behaviours. “All right… all right…” she finally agrees, “I will tell the story again. Now pay attention to me.” And the animals sit near her and look at her enthusiastically. They can’t wait to hear the story.

Then Ugly begins her story. “Once upon a time,” she begins, “There’s a princess who lives in a kingdom. Her name is Cleo. She is a very beautiful princess, and she is also kind to other people. She lives with her father, King Edward, and her step mother, Rosanna. Her father loves her very much, but not her step mother. Rosanna always thinks that Cleo can harass her because her father will one day give her the kingdom. Rosanna wants to be the Queen, so she does anything to get rid off Cleo from the palace.”

“She’s a mean woman!” shouts Liam angrily.

“Ssssssttttttttt!!!” says the other animals. “Quiet, Liam! Let Ugly continue the story,” says Ethan, hitting Liam’s head with his tail.

“Don’t fight,” says Ugly, breaking up the fight. “Let me continue,” and the animals once again listen to her attentively.

“But Liam is right. Rosanna is a mean woman. She will do everything to make sure that Cleo won’t imperil her position. If Cleo disappears, then no one will be the queen and so she will be it. Then one day, Rosanna goes to the Forbidden Forest and meets the Dark Witch.”

“She says, ‘Give me the poison, now! I have to get rid off her out of the kingdom.’ The Dark Witch laughs, ‘You are very mean, my Queen. I can give you the poison, but this won’t kill the Princess. This poison will make her look like she has a very deadly disease, so all people in the kingdom, including her father, will avoid her, and soon, isolate her. Hahaha…’”

“Rosanna smiles trickily. She is sure now that Cleo will disappear and she will get the crown,” ends Ugly. “Okay, it’s dark already. You all have to sleep now,” she says to the animals.

The animals sulk. “Come on, Ugly. It’s half way end. Finish the story, please…”

Ugly shakes her head. “No, my dear friends. You have to sleep now. I promise I will finish the story tomorrow,” she says, putting a blanket for each animal and kisses them goodnight. “Good night, Liam. Good night, Jasper. Good night, Ethan. Good night, Mason.” Then she turns off the light.

“Good night, Ugly,” says the animals together.

Ugly closes the door and walks out of the room into her room. She sits on her bed, looking at the moon full of passion. Then she sighs. “When can I get my own prince?”

For years, Ugly has been dreaming of a wonderful prince who will safe her from his darkness life. Every night before she goes to sleep, she always imagines this prince comes to her and kisses her so passionately that she will forget how to feel being ugly. Ugly hopes and wishes that she will be a real princess when she marries this gorgeous prince. She believes with all his heart that one day her prince will come and they will live happily ever after.

“I know my prince will come. One day,” she says confidently. She turns off the light on her bedside table then closes her eyes. Ugly is now meeting her desired prince in her dream.
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