October 15, 2010

Ugly and the Sloppy Prince: Part 2

Meanwhile in the palace, King Julian is very angry to his son, Prince Anthony. Prince Anthony is the only son of King Julian. He is also the future king of Hippopotamia. He is 23 years old, yet he still acts like a teenager. He likes to spend most of his time in his room; sleeping or doing nothing but daydreaming. Sometimes during the night, he goes out with his friends—the sons of the other ministers—to parties. It doesn’t mean that Prince Anthony likes parties. He gets bored easily because he thinks that nothing is interesting for him. Yet, Prince Anthony is in fact a smart and nice prince. However, he isn´t aware yet that the future of Hippopotamia is in his hands one day.

And now, King Julian is desperate for his son’s behavior. This morning when he knocked at Prince Anthony’s bedroom door, he needed almost thirty minutes just to hear a very short reply of, “Hmmmpppphhh…” He knocked at the door once again—or perhaps more than he could count—when he could finally hear Prince Anthony said, “Yes?? Who is it??” Of course, Prince Anthony said it sleepily. And lazily, as usual.

King Julian replies, “It’s me. Your father.” He sighed for some while before he continued, “Open the door, Anthony!”

King Julian didn’t hear any reply from his son but the voice of something—or someone—fell from the bed. The next sound he heard was the sound of something—or someone—put things on the table. It seemed that something—or someone—was renovating the bedroom.

“Anthony, open the door now!” urged King Julian, impatiently.

“A moment, Father!” replied Prince Anthony. There was a confused tone in his voice. It seemed that he was doing something secretly.

And then, ten minutes later, when all the patience in King Julian almost disappeared, Prince Anthony opened his bedroom door. An innocent smile decorated his messy face.

“Yes, Father?” asked Prince Anthony to his father who was now staring angrily at him. He tried to put another innocent smile, just to make sure that King Julian was about the say something nicely to him. But he knew that his father was in absolute furious at the moment and he was about to be—once again—punished.

King Julian did not reply his son’s question. He entered Prince Anthony’s bedroom without a word and stopped right next to the piles of storybooks on the floor. He grabbed one book and read the title, The Adventure of Mr. Playboy, and sighed. He looked at his son who was giving him a signal of it-is-not-mine with his hands, and dropped the book on the right side of the bed. He looked around Prince Anthony´s bedroom carefully where he saw a very unorganized bedroom (stuff everywhere—vase on the floor, shoes on the table, even the crown hanging on the handle) before he decided to take a chair and sit on it.

“Anthony,” said King Julian desperately, “You are not a teenager anymore. One day you will rule this Kingdom. If you keep behaving like this, I am afraid of the future of this Kingdom.” King Julian took a very deep breath before he continued, “You need to be taught to act like a true king. From this moment on, you must stay in the palace every day to learn the things you need to know about being a great king. No more parties. No more games. Just learning.”

Prince Anthony shook his head unbelievably, giving a signal that he didn´t agree with his father´s decision. “But Father,” he persuaded his father. “I can´t live like that! I am still young! I need some fun before I spend my whole life ruling this Kingdom!”

But King Julian was in his final decision and Prince Anthony had no other choices but listened and did what his father wanted him to do.

“Ruling a kingdom isn’t something easy, my son,” said King Julian wisely. “Being a king needs a lot of courage and confidence, not to mention skills and knowledge as well as wisdom. They are not things you can get within a day. You need to learn and get experiences in order to achieve them.”

“Yes, I know, Father,” replied Prince Anthony lazily. It looked like he was not really interested in this topic.

“My Son,” said King Julian again while standing up from the chair where he sat. “It’s all for your own sake. Hippopotamia needs you one day, and you have to be ready when the time comes.” And King Julian left Prince Anthony’s bedroom with such great hope for his son.

And so, here is Prince Anthony, alone in his room, thinking what he can do to stop his father forcing him to do things he doesn´t like doing. He can talk to his mother, Queen Rosalie, to speak to his father about this, but he is not sure that his mother is in his side at the moment. His mother always speaks about “learn from your father” so she will certainly not agree to persuade his father to lighten his punishment.

If only Prince Anthony can see that the punishment his father gives him is for his own good, he will understand the importance of learning to be a great king. But Prince Anthony is too childish and selfish to think of the future of Hippopotamia, and so he decides to run away from the Kingdom and travel across the Kingdom. He thinks that some fresh air and some relaxing time will make him ready to start the boring lessons.

So at night, Prince Anthony puts normal clothes on himself, just to make sure that the other people will not recognize him as the prince. Yet he doesn’t forget to bring a lot of money in his bag; an unwise decision, instead. He is ready now to go outside the Kingdom as a common citizen and enjoy the moments.
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