December 14, 2010

Hello, God...

Hello, God…
Can we talk a little now?
I need a friend to share
Things that happen in my life today
Every excitement, every anxiety

You see, God
I can’t go through my days alone
I need You to be with me, to guide me
I need Your love to comfort me
So I will never feel alone

Can You do me a favor, dear God?
Please keep my family safe
Stay in their hearts and fill their lives with happiness
For whatever paths they take

Please give me faith, God
To face each second of my life
With dreams and hopes
And accept things I cannot change

Thank You for being home now, God
Your number is the one that answers every time I call
I never get a busy tone
Nor I need to pay a dime

So God, thank You for listening to my call
And for filling my heart with love
Good night, God
I love You, too

I’ll call again tomorrow

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