December 12, 2010

My Conversation with God

I love God.

I am not saying that I am a complete religious person. No, I am not. I don’t pray [literally] often, as those who pray 5 or more times a day. I don’t go to mosque often as well. I don’t read the holy Qur’an every day. I don’t fast every Monday and Thursday. Well, just say that I don’t do what other religious people are supposed to do so often.

However, even though I don’t do those things, it doesn’t mean that I am not a good person. I do charity, even though it isn’t that much, but I always try to do it. I like helping people, perhaps not with money, but with my advice because some people like to come to me and ask my advice. I don’t kill people [that’s for sure]. In fact, I don’t want to hurt anything. Small animals, I mean. I love animals [and yes, nasty cockroaches are included].

So let’s say, I have my own way of praying, despite those things I rarely do. Yes, I do pray every day, even every time I want to. I do conversation with God.

God is great. Everyone agrees. Some people see God as the Almighty, but I have my own ideas about how to see God. For me, God is not just merely the Almighty. For me, God is my parent who gives me good advice and who sometimes punishes me when I choose something wrong. God is my brother or sister who is ready to protect me when someone hurts me. God is my teacher who teaches me things about life, about happiness, about helping others, and about using my life to touch other people’s lives.

But most of all, I often see God as my best friend; a friend in need and a friend in deed, who is always willing to listen to every problem I have and give me great advice, who is always there for me whenever I need Him—like a shoulder to cry on, who always becomes a place to share everything in my life—the good and the bad.

I talk with God almost every time, in any occasions. I talk with God when I am watching TV, when I see someone helps others sincerely and I say, “God, what a great person he is!” I talk with God when I am walking on the street and I see a beggar begging for money, then I say, “I am so lucky to have everything I need. Thank you, God.” I talk with God when I see myself in the mirror and I say, “You have created me so perfectly, God. Thank you.”

But my favorite moment to talk with God is when I am about to sleep. I will sit on my bed, close my eyes, smile and begin my conversation with God. Here is one of my conversations with God:

Me       :  Good evening, God. Am I bothering You now?
God     :  Of course not, Dear. What can I do for you now?
Me       :  Well, there are some things I want to tell You. As usual. (grin)
God     :  I’d love to hear them, Dear. Tell me.
Me       :  Well, today has been a great day for me. You know how I wanted to watch ‘Harry Potter,’ right?
God     :  Yes, I know it very well. You tell me that almost every day. (laugh)
Me       :  Yeah. (shy)
               Well, I went to the cinema today and I watched it! It was my first experience, watching a movie at the cinema. Tragic, I know. But You know I don’t like being in a crowed place.
God     :  I know, Dear. And how was it? Did you enjoy it?
Me       : Oh, yeah! I loved it! It was a great movie. But too bad, Dobby has to die. I don’t like watching a movie when someone—or something—has to die.
God     :  Of course. And I bet you cried also. (smile)
Me       :  A little. But thank to You it was dark. (laugh)
God     :  I am glad you enjoyed it, Dear. So when will you watch another movie at the cinema again? (wink)
Me       :  (laugh) Well, I am planning to watch ‘Narnia’ there. But I don’t know when still.
God     :  You will have the perfect time, Dear.
Me       :  Yeah, I know. Well, it’s late and I am sleepy now.
God     :  Then go to sleep now. You must be very tired.
Me       :  A little.
God     : Sweet dreams, Dear.
Me       :  Aaah, I forgot something!
God     :  Yes?
Me       :  Thank You for today, God. You have given me such a wonderful day. And also, thank You for giving me my husband. Thank You for everything.
God     :  You are welcome, my Dear.
Me       :  See you tomorrow, God.
God     :  See you tomorrow, Dear.

Okay, I know it’s not a real conversation and that I made it up myself, but it’s really the way I pray. I am feeling myself closer to God when I am having conversation with God. I know that when I am talking with Him, He doesn’t say anything, but it doesn’t mean He is not listening to me. God always listens to me. And He answers me as well, through signs He gives me.

God is always with us, anytime and anywhere. Perhaps we think that God is abandoning us when we are having problems and we feel so alone. But it isn’t true. He is always with us, accompanying us, and even helping us out of the problems. Here is a great story to prove that God never leaves us.

A man was looking back on the footprints of his life in the sand. Next to his footprints were another set of footprints belonging to God. God was walking with the man through all of the trials of his life. But looking back the man realized that the times where his life was hard and cruel there was only 1 set of footprints. 

Then the man asked God, "Why did you abandon me in the tough times? That's when I needed you the most!" 

God replied "When your life got hard and sad those were my footprints on the sand, I was walking and carrying you on my back."

So we know now that God is always with us, during good times and bad times. As long as we believe in God, we can always have the best in our lives. I know that sometimes we don’t always get what we want. But we always get what we need, because God only gives us the best. If we don’t get what we want, then God thinks it isn’t the best for us.

Remember that God answers prayers in three ways:
He says “Yes” and gives you what you want.
He says “No” and gives you something better.
He says “Wait” and gives you the best in His own time.

Just believe. Have faith.

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