December 17, 2010

What a Weird Day!!

So, here is the thing.

I wanted to accompany my friend, Reta, to the library this morning. I asked my other friend, Kikin, to go with us. The thing is, Kikin doesn’t study in the same university as Reta and I, so we weren’t sure if she would be let in inside the library. Reta said that Kikin had to pay some money to get into the library, and we all thought that it would be ridiculous since we just wanted to “hang out” there (hang out in the library?? Yeah, that’s weird, LOL).

Then, because I was responsible for Kikin—I mean, I asked her out with Reta and I—then I decided that Kikin and I could do another thing while Reta was in the library. So we decided to go to Mall and perhaps we could watch a movie there (there is a cinema inside the Mall). And there was Reta took both of us: Ambarukmo Plaza a.k.a. the Mall.

Reta left both of us there and she went to the library, while Kikin and I went into the Mall and went straight to the cinema, looking for a movie to watch. We were in the cinema already, and there were some movies played: Narnia, Unstoppable, an Indonesian horror movie, and another western movie. I wanted to watch Narnia, but Kikin had watched it before and she didn’t want to watch it again (she said that it wasn’t really a good movie). So, we decided not to watch any movie.

However, when we went out of the cinema, we were both confused because it meant we had come to this Mall for nothing. Kikin suggested that we went to the other cinema by bus, but I said that it wouldn’t be a good idea since the cinema was quite far. But she insisted me and well, I finally agreed with her. But I said I didn’t want to go by bus. I wanted to go by pedicab.

So we went out of the Mall, found a pedicab, and after a long bargaining the pedicab driver finally agreed to take us to the other cinema for 10,000 rupiahs. We went in the pedicab, and it was just a few meters when the pedicab couldn’t control its break and it successfully bumped into a motorcycle!! The rear side of the motorcycle was stuck in the pedicab and we both had to let it out. That was so weird!! I think the rider was sleepy or something. How couldn’t he see a pedicab coming???

But thank God it wasn’t a big deal and we kept on moving. And again, after a few meters, the pedicab driver stopped the pedicab. Now it had a flat tire!! The driver then asked us to use another pedicab (and good he helped us found the pedicab so we didn’t have to find it ourselves) and we could continue our long journey to the cinema. What a sacrifice!

And so, we both safely arrived at the cinema after a journey in the desert (it was a hot day, my feet got burned for the sun) and we didn’t have to queue (we watched Rapunzel: Tangled. It was a great movie! I love it!), and we watched the movie in peace. Nothing wrong happened.

Yeah, but when the movie finished and we decided to go home, it rained! We asked Reta not to pick us up because she still wanted to be in the library, then we decided to walk to the bus stop. Have I mentioned that it was raining??? Aaah, okay, yeah I have.

So as you know, we walked to the bus stop, with the rain walking with us, coming to Mr. Earth, and I had to protect my laptop from the water (I brought my laptop because I THOUGHT we would be in the library. Dry).

And again, after a very long journey home, we finally arrived home safe!!!! It was such a weird day for both of us. Yet, it was quite challenging, I guess. I mean, bumping into a motorcycle?? In a pedicab??? Yeah, it was surely a new experience for us.

Unbelievable! Duh!

@Kikin: Not again, please... :(
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kikin said...

hahahha.. surely it was a W.E.I.R.D day.. hahaha.. bus nya bocor lagi atepnya, so i had to move.. what a day!
at least we didnt have to walk as long as last time when we're in parangtritis beach.. wkwkkwkwk

Dea Angan said...

You miss a thing, Sis...

At least we didn't have to walk as far as the last time we were in Parangtritis WITH YOUR W.E.I.R.D friend, hahaha...

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