January 07, 2011

Birthday Prayer

Dear God,

Today I thank you that I am "wonderfully" made.
I am so thankful that I can say that You made me to be special,
and really mean it.  That I don't have to try to be something I'm not,
to be considered special.

Even before I was born, You created me the way I was meant to be.
To fully accept that You created me for a purpose and that You love
what You created in me, is such an awesome thought.

Thank you, God, for always answering my prayers;
But not indulging my every petty, private “give me.”
Thank you winnowing and refining, vetoing and delaying,
refusing and revising. 

Thank you for being God and never less, for freeing me for wide horizons;
For protecting me from my limited vision and wayward will.
Thank you for foiling my every effort to unseat you and make myself king.
Thank you for keeping it safe for me to pray.

I cannot thank You enough for what You have done
in my life and in my heart,
To bring me to where I am today.
The fact that You made it known to me, that where I am in my life is
Just mediocrity; that You have higher expectations for me.

You have taught me that I can overcome these seemingly impossible
Things just by listening to your voice; obeying,
And holding Your hand every step of the way.
I know I truly am a miracle this day, on the day of my birth.
I love You and thank You and praise You,
For You are worthy of all honor.

Source: Unknown

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