January 07, 2011

I am Officially 25 Now!

Happy birthday to me!
I’m extremely lucky!
I was born very pretty!
And everyone loves me!


I am 25 years old now! WOW! I can’t believe how fast time goes. It seems like it was just yesterday I celebrated my 24th birthday. But today I am celebrating my quarter-century age! I hope I still look young with this age, and of course I hope I am more mature and wiser. I would like to be a better person each year. I would like to inspire people with my experiences and ideas. That would be great if I can touch someone’s life.

Last year I got the most beautiful birthday present from Antonio. That’s when he proposed me and gave me a very pretty ring. Yet, this year I can’t celebrate my birthday with Antonio because he is in Spain and I am still stuck here. But that’s fine for me because I know we are together very soon. I really can’t wait to be with him and start my new life with him.

Even so, there are some things I want to achieve and get within this precious age. Well, some of them are ordinary things, and others are special. I hope they all can be mine. But actually it is ok if I don’t get them all, because I know God will give me the best, in everything.

So here they are, the things I want within my 25-year-old life:

Living with my lovely Antonio in Spain

Well, of course I want this so much. I have been in a long distance relationship with him for almost 3 years. I believe this year will be the last year we are separated by Mr. Distance. Actually, I’m moving to Spain in February so I really can’t wait for this. I am so excited!! Finally Mr. Distance gives up on us and he lets us be together forever. We’ll do so many things together; cooking, cleaning the house, making love, shopping, travelling, watching TV, making fun of each other, laughing… Lots of things!

Living in this apartment (or the like)

I was having a chat with Antonio 2 days ago and we were talking about an apartment where we will stay when I am in Spain. And so I found this apartment in the Internet. The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it! It’s a very nice apartment and it seems to have a lovingly neighborhood as well. It’s beautifully furnished and it also has a swimming pool and jogging tracks. I hope Antonio wants this apartment, too, hehehe…

A Honda Freed

Hahaha… I don’t know why I want this car. I think it’s because I see this car almost every day here. And when I see it, I always scream enthusiastically, “A HONDA FREED!!!” I don’t know if it’s available in Spain. But I will save my money to buy this car. Hopefully I can, hahaha…

Being an elementary school English teacher

I used to hate teaching. I didn’t like it at all! For me, teaching was boring, and moreover when I had to meet those little devils (that’s how I called my students before, hahaha…). But now, I do love teaching! I love to be close with my students. I love to share my knowledge with them. I love to play with those cute students. That’s why I hope I can teach in an elementary school in Spain. I am sure it will be very exciting! Yaaaaay!!

Being grateful more and more

I have learned to be more grateful about my life for the last few years. For me, being grateful makes me happy and relieved because I know I always have enough. I hope I will always be grateful for everything happens in my life, for everything I have and get, and for every person I meet. After all, gratitude brings more prosperity in our lives.

Going to Warner Bros Studio and meeting Tweety for real

OK, I know it sounds childish, but I really want to meet Tweety for real. Tweety is my favorite cartoon character and I collect every small thing about Tweety. Antonio knows how I love Tweety and so he bought me a Tweety doll last year. I wish I had a very big Tweety doll and I will put it on my bed, hahaha…

Doing more charity

I want to help people, but sometimes I don’t know how. I believe that helping people doesn’t always have to deal with money. I mean, supports and advice can also be ways to help people. But of course, it will be awesome if I can donate some of my money regularly every month to charity organizations around the world so they can help those people who desperately need help. Amen.

Writing more stories

You know already how I am addicted to writing. I didn’t write lots of stories last year—due to laziness matter—so I want to write lots of stories this year. I hope many people love what I write as well. It’s really great to entertain people with my stories.

Getting my stories published

So, because I didn’t write much, I didn’t have many stories published, hehehe… That’s why, I want to write great stories, beneficial, entertaining and interesting writings so that I can get them published. I love reading my stories on the magazines.

Watching MotoGP race live

Yeah! I’ve been a huge fan of MotoGP since I was in high school. My favorite rider is Valentino Rossi. I always want to meet him and other riders and have a photo session with them, hahaha… I am sure it will be great to watch the race live and feel the tension.

Watching Real Madrid match live

Real Madrid is my favorite football team since I was in high school. Well, actually I like Iker Casillas because he’s cute (but Antonio is cuter) and I am sure it will be awesome to be in Santiago Bernabeu and watch the match live. I know that the players will look very small when I watch the match live, but I want to feel the adrenaline of screaming and yelling there, hahaha…

Having a pet dog

I always love dogs! I always want to have a pet dog because I know dogs are man’s best friends. What kind of dog do I want? Well, actually I want a beagle because think it’s kind of cute, hahaha… When I have it, I will name it Dobby to honor Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter’s movies for his bravery and cuteness, hehehe…

Watching fireworks on New Year’s Eve

I know it’s just a simple wish, but I really never watch real fireworks. I always watch them on TV and I always think they are very pretty. Hopefully, on 2012 New Year’s Eve I can watch those beautiful fireworks at Spain’s night sky.

Getting pregnant

Hehehe… I am sure you all know how bad I want to have a baby. But I also know that Antonio and I need to wait for some time before we can have a baby. I don’t say that I want to have a baby within this age, I just say that I want to get pregnant. It’s different. Perhaps I will get pregnant in December 2011, hahaha… Well, let’s just see. When God thinks that we’re ready for a baby, I am sure He will give one for us.

Those are some essential things that I want within my 25-year-old life. Of course, there are other smaller things I want to get, but it isn’t necessary to mention them here, hehehe… So, I will do my best to make those lists come true.

Wish me luck!

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estiewe said...

Esti doakan semoga semuanya tercapai ya mbak :)
Nggak sengaja ngunjungin blognya mbak pagi ini, abis browsing di google.

Dea Angan said...

Makasih, Esti... Makasih juga dah nyempetin baca, hehe... Salam kenal, yaa... :D

salmiahaziz said...

you are lovely one :)

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