January 22, 2011

When I was Little

… my favorite clothes were a tank top and panties
… I was able to run across the house naked
… I loved peeing in front of the house when no one saw me
… I hated chicken
… I was quite stupid since I always got bad marks in my exams
… we didn’t have to experience a broken hearted
… people seemed to be nicer than now
… I had a crush on my best friend’s brother
… Kikin and I liked taking a bath together
… when my fish died, I threw it out to my neighbor’s house
… I once slept with a big snake around me
… I loved fishing small crabs in front of the house
… I couldn’t live without my smelly bolster
… the only responsibilities I had were cleaning out my toys
… I cut all of my Barbie’s hair
… I was afraid of needle (injection was included)
… my favorite entertainment was the monkey dance
… I didn’t want to sleep alone because ghosts seemed to haunt me every time
… I wished I had teleport power so I could move to one place to another easily
… my best friend was a doll named Oshin
... my Mom always did my hair in the morning
… I was locked in a room with Kikin and nearly jumped out of the roof
… I loved riding on my Doberman
… my days always filled with laughs and joys

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