January 09, 2011

While I was 24

It’s been 2 days since I stepped the next chapter of my life by becoming a 25-year-old woman. I tried to reflect back to the time when I was 24 and recall the memories and experiences happened. There are things I learned while I was 24 that make me know more about the beauty of life, either they are good things or bad things.

So, here I’ll tell you things I learned while I was 24:

1.    No matter how hard you try, if what you desire doesn’t belong to you, you will never have it. Rather than being sad for not getting what you want, keep in your mind that God always gives you the best. If He doesn’t give you what you want, then He believes it isn’t the best for you.

2.    Flying for the first time makes you nervous or even scared. Yet, the next flying will be a lot smoother (just make sure that there won’t be some turbulence or you will again get scared).

3.    It isn’t comfortable AT ALL being in a train for 8 hours, especially when you can’t sleep. Yet, mostly, you won’t be able to sleep well because you don’t have a comfortable position (unless you have two seats for your own).

4.    I am 100% sure that I can’t be in a cold room with air conditioner, or be in cold season.

5.    I don’t realize how I spend my money. That’s why I need to write every detail on where I have spent it and I will feel very guilty for spending it too much for unimportant things.

6.    Trusting people’s words is difficult. I know now that I don’t trust people easily.

7.    Kissing my husband is as exciting as sleeping together with him.

8.    I love strawberry yogurt! I never ate this before and now I like it.

9.    I am a huge fan of tidiness. Even so, no matter how hard I try to tidy my room, it will be a mess in 3 or 4 days. It’s because I don’t always put things back to where they should be.

10.  I am still traumatic with earthquake no matter how small it is (personal experience in 2006).

11.  Even though I love any kind of chocolate, I prefer chocolate with milk and  nuts—especially almond.

12.  I am good at organizing things. I organized my own wedding and it was a great one.

13.  I don’t really like cheese and strawberry.

14.  I am a really good advisor because I know now that I have some people come to me to ask my advice, and I am very pleased to help.

15.  I am a crazy writer. It’s difficult for me to write something serious.

16.  I’m scared of thunder. I really don’t like the rain.

17.  You can have period twice a month, or even once every 2 months. Both are not healthy and you should go to the doctor to have further examinations.

18.  I have exotic tanned skin. I am pretty.

19.  I don’t always listen well. I need to keep practicing it.

20.  Marrying your best friend is one of the greatest gifts in life. He knows you inside and out, and he accepts you for who you are and loves you unconditionally.  

21.  People don’t really change as you think. You only know them better.

22.  Being grateful even for small things make you really happy about your life. Gratitude brings more into your life and you will feel like you possess everything and desire nothing.

23.  Sometimes, what I feel comes true. Quite scary, hah?

24.  I love babies. I want to have a baby but I know I have to wait for the right time. My baby deserves the best for his life, and I deserve great quality time with my husband as well.

Add some more??

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