February 06, 2011

Dare to Dream Big

“Wow! So your husband is a foreigner??” they asked.
(Yeah, I bet you didn’t think that I would marry a foreigner)

“You live in Spain?? Have you ever been to other countries??” they asked.
(Yeah, I live in Spain. I bet you didn’t think that I would live there)

“You’re a teacher??” they asked.
(Yeah, I love teaching. Again, I bet you didn’t think that I would end up becoming a teacher)

“You’re so lucky!!” they said.
(Yeah, I know. I am always the lucky one)

When I met my old friends, they normally drowned me with those kinds of questions. But the most often question they asked me is that first question: am I really married to a Spanish? And for millions times I had to say, “Yes, I am married to a Spanish.” And well, sometimes I really wanted to say, “Do you have any problems with that?”

It doesn’t mean that I am annoyed when people ask me this question. Oh well, I am a little annoyed. I mean, they seem hard to believe that I would marry a handsome Spanish guy. Well, I know I was weird back when I was in elementary, or junior high, or even high school. I didn’t do what normal girls would do, like wearing pretty dress, putting make up, using perfume, wearing heels or even wearing earrings. I describe myself as a semi-masculine girl when I was young. I loved football. My favorite clothes were jeans and a maxi T-shirt. I wore slippers everywhere. I didn’t play with dolls or Barbie (I even shaved out her hair). In short, I looked like a boy.

And well, perhaps I wasn’t as pretty as I am now (no comment, please), but I wasn’t ugly either. I didn’t take care of my body well. I rarely took a bath. I didn’t even put moisturizer on my body (too lazy for that). But I wasn’t as ugly as you think I was. I know that the boys I liked never liked me back. But it didn’t mean that I wouldn’t end up with the guy I loved.

Ever since I was young, there’s only one thing I keep in mind: impossible is nothing. I always believe in every dream I have. I am never afraid to dream high, even though people think I won’t achieve it. I dreamt of becoming a sport journalist since I was in high school. I wanted to be it because I loved football and MotoGP, and I wanted to meet those players and riders for free. If I were a sport journalist and I were sent to report sport events in other countries, I would travel to those countries for free. Immature thinking, I know.

But again, I always believed that I would become a sport journalist. I didn’t care people told me that it was such a hard job that there were no many girls in this field. They said I would get little salary (well, as long as I could travel to different countries for free, little salary was okay for me). They said the competition was hard (who cares??). I had this dream stuck in my head for 6 years. I didn’t listen to those negative people. What I had in mind was: I would be a sport journalist. Yes or yes.

Until then, the opportunity came. The sport magazine I wanted to apply the job opened journalist vacancy. I applied there. I waited for few days before I finally got a call for the next selection process. I was extremely happy. My dream was right in front of my eyes. This time I knew I would shut those mouths that had doubt me.

In sum, I didn’t get the job. I joined the final interview, but I didn’t make it. Was I disappointed?? Hell yeah! I was crazy if I wasn’t. But it never stopped me. Though I didn’t make it to be a sport journalist, I knew that I had won. I could show those people that I was good enough for the magazine. They almost hired me. And for sure, I knew that no matter what dream we had, as long as we believed in it, one day it would come true.

And so, I didn’t become a sport journalist, but I met the love of my life. He cheered me up when I was down (for my disappointment), and we were best friends ever since. I applied for another job—a teaching job. At first, teaching felt like hell to me. I hated it! I hated meeting those naughty children or slow students. I hated teaching them.

Yet, slowly I began to enjoy my job. It was one of my mentors telling me that I had this nature for teaching, that I could be a great teacher. I got close to students easily, and I had unique technique in teaching. He said that I was funny, and I wasn’t afraid to become myself when I taught, that I wasn’t ashamed of being ridiculous in front of the class. And so, hearing him saying that made me fall in love with teaching.

I always believed that I would have a handsome husband. Well, I always dreamt that I would have a foreigner husband. Again people said it was impossible. Some of them even said, “Look at you! You shouldn’t dream too high.” But I am thick-faced, so I didn’t listen to them. And look who I am married to now!

So what I am trying to say now is that don’t be afraid to dream big. As long as you believe in your dreams, one day they will come true. Perhaps they won’t be exactly the same as what you wish they are, but they will always be better than what you expect. Keep on believing and do necessary things to achieve your dreams. Live for your dreams. When the right time comes, you will be stunned by the dreams you’re about to achieve.

Have faith. Good luck.

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