February 07, 2011

Husband’s Week: My Husband is My Best Friend

If you don’t marry your best friend, then you marry the wrong person.

I completely agree with that statement. A spouse is supposed to be someone with whom we can share everything. We are not supposed to hide important things from him. Well, it is still tolerable when we have little secrets. Everyone does have some secrets in life, anyway.

When I first knew him, I felt such different feelings towards him. He was a very nice guy, he offered me sincere friendship. He was willing to read my boring emails and imperfect Spanish (I used translator program and still my Spanish was awful). Most of all, he was willing to listen to (read: read) my problems while in fact, he wasn’t anyone to me. That’s why once I told him that I felt like writing on my own diary when I spoke to him. And yes, I enjoyed having conversation with him so much.

I believe Antonio is the best listener in the world. I need to learn the art of listening from him. He’s always willing to listen to every small details of my life. And whenever I have problems to share, he is always there, ready to listen to them without judging me or accusing me for my problems. He sometimes gives me advice, how I should react to certain problems. He sometimes even gets angry when my problems happened because someone is hurting me.

But sometimes, he cannot do anything to solve my problems. And I can feel how sad he is when he cannot help me. Yet, what most important for me is that he cares about me, about the things happen to me, and about the ups and downs that happen within me. I am a moody person. I can switch my mood instantly, in seconds. But he patiently accompanies me when I am down.

So here I’ll say, my husband has become my best friend ever since I knew him. I feel so comfortable being with him. He doesn’t only love me unconditionally, but he also treats me sweetly, accepts me for who I am and still allows me to grow. I nearly don’t have anything to hide from him. I tell him everything I feel—in my own ways—though I know I cannot control my feelings sometimes.

Yo te amo mucho, Marido. Gracias por estar siempre conmigo, a través de mis días buenos y días malos. Gracias por entenderme por completo. Eres una parte importante de mi vida.

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