February 25, 2011

Things I Miss about Jogja

It’s officially 2 weeks since I first landed in Spain. What I think about Spain?? COLD!! Hahaha… Well, it’s almost spring, but it’s still cold for me (even though Antonio thinks that it begins to get hotter now). Guess I am not the normal one here, LOL!

Spain is great, really.  I mean, I had dreamt about this wonderful country for years and now I live here. It’s great! It feels relieved! And you know what, the first days I am in Spain, I swear I thought I was dreaming, hahaha… When you really want something and you think about it every day, for years, and when it becomes true, you will hardly differentiate reality and dream because you have it in your mind always! And that was exactly what I felt.

I love Spain. I was in Madrid for 3 days and Antonio and I visited some beautiful places. And ah, I went from one site to another in Metro (a subway) and I loved it! We visited Santiago Bernabeu and Retiro Park, and we hired a boat, and it was funny because our boat was likely to hit other boats. And there are also equal things in Spain that I had in Indonesia.

Yet, somehow I miss Jogja so much. There are so many things I miss about Jogja, that I wish I would have here with me. Some of them are:

My home, my family and friends
Of course, what will I miss more about Jogja than my family and friends? I miss my fussy father, my BBF Kikin, my crazy friends at work (Hana, Swesty, Widhy, Susi and Tami). I miss my room, my smelly pillow (I hope my maid hasn’t washed it yet). I even miss the cockroaches I used to find in my bathroom!

Delicious rice

Well, I ate rice here, not so often but I eat it sometimes. But still, it isn’t as delicious as the rice I had in Jogja. The rice in Spain tastes weird. I can’t describe it well, but it isn’t delicious at all. I wish I could bring 10 kilos of Indonesian rice to Spain…


So far, I haven’t met chilies in Spain. I brought a bottle of chili sauce and I am running out of it now, and Antonio bought me some chili sauce here, but none of them is as delicious and as spicy as the chili sauce I have from Indonesia. In fact, they are all sweet! And for God’s sake, they are all chili!!

Sate ayam

This is absolutely my favorite breakfast in the morning. I normally bought sate ayam in the morning or at night for dinner. Uff, I wish I could ask the sate seller to come to Spain and make me a portion of delicious sate ayam.

Oddie is actually my motorcycle. It is an old one. Some people even ask me to put that motorcycle in museum because it’s so old (around 20 years). But I love it. It accompanied me to everywhere I went. Here in Spain, I nearly don’t go anywhere alone. First, because I can’t drive a car (everyone seems to have a car here), and second, because I don’t know where to go.

Here in Spain, every movie is in Spanish. Every program is in Spanish. Well, some programs are available in English, but yes, everything is in Spanish. I miss renting some movies and watching them at home. Here I can’t rent a movie, because I don’t know where to rent it, and because I am sure the movie is in Spanish with no English subtitle. But at least I can watch so many cartoons here. I love watching Sinchan from 8.00 to 11.00 in the morning (yes, in Spanish), and Spongebob at night (thank God, this one is available in English).

But well, even though there are things I miss about Jogja, I know I can survive here. The only reason is because I have my lovely husband here. I am happy being with him. I want to be with him more than anything. Besides, his family is very kind to me, and the people here is nice as well.

And so, since I am in Spain now, I have to be accustomed to many different things; the language, the food, the habit… But I know I will survive. 

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