March 20, 2011

Finally Got It!!

So, perhaps some of you have read my story Vampir Ompong that I wrote here. And yes, I wrote it in Indonesian so you may have to translate it into your preferred language, but I am 100% sure that it won’t be as good as the real version. You know, the translation sometimes has weird meanings. Plus, some of the words I used in my stories are not available in other languages. I created them myself, LOL!

Anyway, I sent that story to a teenage magazine called Teen Magazine (ha! Now I know why they name their magazine like that) couple of months ago, and I got a call from a man who works there that my story would be published and he asked for the soft copy of it. And so, yesterday when I opened my Facebook, my friend (she’s also a writer, more experienced than me, sure) tagged me a photo of my story!

Well, it isn’t the first story published in a magazine. The problem is, most of the time, I don’t know in which edition my story is published, because none of the editor in those magazine doesn’t bother to contact me—even by email—and tell me that they will publish my story. And so, I never have the copy of my story because I never buy the magazine in which my story is published.

I have asked my friend in Indonesia to buy the magazine and asked her to send it to me here—or at least, keep it for me until I return to Indonesia later. Antonio said that I should buy a million copies of that magazine and place my stories in lots of frames so he can decorate the wall with them. Sounds crazy, I know.

And actually, knowing that my story has been published makes me want to write even more. Probably you have noticed that I didn’t write my blog for some time. Lack of inspiration, I guess.

Anyway, I am so excited to write now and I have even started to write a novel. I wrote 2 pages yesterday and I had to stop because I had to have my dinner. You know what, when I feel like writing, nothing is going to stop me. Except perhaps, the worms that are busy having a concert inside my stomach.

So, are you ready for my next stories??

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