March 31, 2011

How to be Creative?

I was born creative.

Hahaha… Well, I guess I am pretty creative. When I was a child, I decorated my room with my own paintings. I can’t paint or draw well, but it was my room so no one could stop me. There isn’t a window in my room and I really wanted to have a window, with a beautiful curtain, beautiful view. But what I could see from my room was only wall—my own wall.

And so, I took an A3 sized paper, and I drew a window and its curtain as well. I drew beautiful scenery of a mountain with lots of flowers, and I put that paper on the wall. And voila! I had a window and a curtain in my room.

My wall was plain, boring color. I really wanted to paint my wall, like a baby’s room with lots of cartoon figures. But it was impossible because my Mom would kill me if I painted my wall badly, so I bought posters of Tweety (I love Tweety). But, instead of placing the whole posters on the wall, I cut only the Tweety figure. So my room was like Tweety playing football on the right, Tweety with flowers on the left, and Tweety driving a car near the door.

Every day I could only play with cooking toys. I pretended to cook for real. I used real water, I used leaves, flowers, soil, anything I could put. I made my own puppet dolls using paper and coloring pencils. My pencil box was ugly, so I made it myself with pop sickles and I painted it. I always wanted to have a decorated pillow on my bed, and so I made one using my old T-shirt, hahaha…

I didn’t get my creativity by accident. When I was a child, I didn’t play Playstation or Nintendo just like the other kids. I asked my Dad to buy me one because most of my friends had it, but my Dad said a big NO. I guess my Dad was pretty stingy at that time, hahaha…

When I got older, my creativity grew as well. The thing I like most is making crafts using felt fabric. My first felt craft was a hairpin. I think I still have it in my room. And when I wanted to write a letter, I used plain paper and I decorated it. I used plain envelope and I painted it. I made my own necklaces and bracelets as well.

Being creative isn’t a gift. Well, some people are born creative, but if they don’t use their creativity, then they won’t be able to create something. Creativity needs to be started at home, at early age. So when you have children, give them educative toys. Playstation is good, but I don’t suggest you to give it to your children at early age. You can teach about computer to your children, but make sure you teach them how to use it well. Use simple programs, such as Paint or even Ms. Word. Ask your children to draw anything and ask them to color their pictures. Ask your children to write. Challenge them to write their diary in Ms. Word. It’s okay if they just write 4 or 5 sentences. In a month, you can print it and compile it. Or you can also give them blank papers, ask your children to write a diary and draw the story.

Also, I personally think that bedtime stories help children to think wildly. You can buy story books, or you can read them from the Internet. Or even, you can create your own stories! By doing so, children can have imaginative ideas, imaginative thoughts, and who knows they will be a great inventor or writer. Everything begins by imagination, anyway.

So let’s be creative!

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