March 07, 2011

March 7, 3 Years Ago...

Dear my lovely husband,

3 years ago we decided to start to take the risk and have our long distance relationship. I would confess that I had a little doubt at the beginning, but you assured me every day with your loving words and caring attention that really melted my heart. Each day you showed me your love, and I began to deeply falling in love with you.

Our relationship was always special. Though we lived in different countries, we were so much alike those normal couples. Well, I know we didn’t see each other often like we wished we could, but we communicated more than normal couples do. Do you still remember how we spent more than 5 hour every day to chat? Thanks to Mr. Internet that made everything easier for us.

I still remember how I waited for your letters (though you didn’t send me many, very bad, eh). And though it hurt my eyes when I read your letter—I wondered if you really paid attention on writing lesson at school—I was always extremely overjoyed when I got your letters. And when you called me surprisingly, I could jump excitedly for hearing your comforting voice.

We had our ups and downs, and things were not always easy for us. But finally, we could say goodbye to Mr. Distance and really make our dream come true; being together forever. I could not possibly be happier than be with you right now. I enjoy every moment together with you. I am still learning to be a great wife for you, so understand me when I don’t do things perfectly. But really, I love getting up early in the morning and prepare your breakfast before you go to work (so don’t ask me to sleep when you have to wake up, ok?).

Thank you for everything, my love. You are definitely the best thing that happen to me (so far, before I have our babies, hehehe…). You are really the best husband for me. You understand me completely, you treat me like every women wish to be treated. I love you so much.

So today, let us celebrate the love we share for each other, and the days that we will keep loving each other till the end.

Feliz aniversario, mi amor...

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