March 30, 2011

When Boredom Attacks [Duh!]

When I first arrived in Spain, I was happy. Totally happy, like happy and excited mixed together and they created such unusual feeling that I had never felt before (I guess so). It was like a dream and for many days I needed to convince myself that I was really in Spain. Thank God I didn’t need someone to slap me, hahaha…

The first days were great. Antonio took some days off from work and took me for a walk and we saw many things. Things were still different for me but I enjoyed it. But then, Antonio had to work and I was left alone at home, and it continued days by days. And I got bored. I got bored housewife syndrome.

I was sad because I didn’t have many things to do. I couldn’t go out for a walk because I didn’t have a driving license and I didn’t know the street well. I couldn’t cook my favorite food because I couldn’t find the exact ingredients I needed for that food. I couldn’t chat with my friends because we are in different time zones. And there were so many things I couldn’t do that I wish I could.

And then, I made myself busy in front of the computer. I wrote. Anything. And when I got bored of writing, I would play games in the Internet. And when I got bored, I would watch TV (cartoons, of course). And when I got bored again, I would scream (not out loud because the neighbors will think that I am crazy). And when I reached the maximum alert of boredom, I would cry.

Until then…

I accidentally found something interesting in Mr. Google when I was searching for something. It was a craft made from felt fabric. I used to make the same things when I was in Indonesia. And to tell the truth, I guess, I am good at it. And suddenly bright idea came across my mind; I will make some crafts and sell them!

And so I browsed so many felt crafts to get more ideas, and I found out that I could make lots of things (hair band, hair pin, brooch, bag, belt, even sandals!). I got very excited! And you know, when I get so excited, I won’t be able to sleep because ideas will keep running in my head like crazy, hahaha…

The next morning I bought some felt fabric and some stuff I needed to make the crafts. I started making some and my in-laws liked them. And they said that it could be a good business for me. They wanted me to make other things and put them in the Internet, and people can order them, with the colors they want, with the decorations they want, too! Isn’t that great??

And here are some crafts I made:

 I made this pillow for our anniversary last year. Many people like it because of the images on that pillow. They look so like Antonio and I.

 This is a keychain I made, also for our anniversary last year.

 This is a rose headband. It was pretty complicated to make it, but it was worth it.

 This is a mobile phone case.

 This is a sea horse hairpin. Some people think it is difficult to make, but it isn’t. I’ll tell you how the other time.

And so, other than writing, felt crafting is my new hobby here. I started it a week ago, and magically my boredom disappears. I hope it will go away forever, hahaha…

And another thing to do when I am bored: cooking!

Yeah, I finally cooked some. I bought some Indonesian ingredients from the Internet, and I am happy now that I can start making delicious Indonesian food. I made this one today:
 That is Rendang, typical food from Sumatera. It’s supposed to be spicy, but since there aren’t any chilies, so let it be this way.

Anyway, I’m in the process of making a felt bag, so I’ll continue it. I’ll show you the result next time.

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