April 02, 2011

Meet the Rubios

So this is it... I’ll tell you the story of the very first time I met my in-laws.

It was a warm sunny day (I guess) in March, 2009. I did not exactly remember the date. Antonio had just visited me and he had upgraded my weird slow PC (he’s a computer genius and I’m a PC destroyer) and put a new webcam. We were chatting and talking about some normal things when he said, “My parents are coming today. Do you want to meet them?” Well, at that time Antonio lived in an apartment in Cordoba so his parents came to visit him at weekend.

Hearing that question (or more like request, actually) I was like, “Wh..what? Meet your parents?? NOW?”

“Yeah,” he said.

Well, honestly I was not ready at that time. I had never met his parents before. Besides, I looked so messy and ugly. But then I thought, well, I always looked ugly and messy, so it would be all right. Besides, I think it was not polite if I said something like, “NOOOOO!!! I don’t want to meet your parents!!!” He would definitely say, “IIIIUUUUUHHHH!!! What kind of girlfriend are you???”

Well, I guess he would say that kind of things if I said “NO.”

So, because I wanted him to think that I am a good girlfriend, I said, “Mmm.. Okay...” Well, I said it half heartedly, actually. But trust me, I tried to put my best smile when I said that.

Hey, he did not see my face, anyway. So why did I have to worry about him seeing my smile or no??

Anyway, he put his webcam and the microphone, and so did I. I could see him and he could see me (well, that’s what the normal webcam should work, right?). We were still talking and talking, but around 20 minutes later he said, “Wait a moment, OK. My parents are here.” Then he went downstairs and met his parents.

And while I was waiting for him, my heart again seemed to beat for 180 km/h. I was sooooooo nervous to meet his parents. I was worried about what his parents, especially his mother, would think of me. Would they like me?? Would they think that I am good enough for his son???

I was still trying to calm myself down when he entered his room again. But he was not alone!!! He was with a middle-aged woman with blond hair (how does Antonio have black hair??) and thick glasses, and also a middle-aged man, also with glasses. And ahhh.. There was also his sister, but I had met her before.

Antonio sat on his bed and he said, “Dea, they are my parents.”

And I waved my hand and said, “Hola!!” while trying to put my sweetest smile and being as elegant as I could.

All of his family were there, looking at me. But I was a bit relaxed because all of them were smiling at me. It was a good sign, though. Hehehe... His mother waved her hand and said, “Hola! Tu eres muy guapa.”

And I was blushing!!! She thinks that I am cute!! Hahaha... Sure this was the effect of her thick glasses.

But then she said something in Spanish and I could not understand what she said. So I just like, every the time said, “No entiendo.. Lo siento.. Antonio, translate me what she is saying!!” I was a bit desperate because I did not understand what she was talking about since I did not have good Spanish. Well, I can understand Spanish a little now, better than a year ago.

Then Antonio said, “She said that you are gorgeous. She wants to meet you soon, and she will cook for you.” Woow.. I thought she liked me. This was good. Very good, indeed. Hehe...

Well, to make it short, Antonio kept translating me what his parents said, and he translated what I said, too. We talked for some minutes before they went for lunch.

Finally, I met the Rubios (Antonio’s surname). I am happy because his family can accept me into their family. And I think that his mother likes me. She has bought some household things for Antonio and I even before we got married. Hahaha... This is funny, but it shows how she cares about me.

And yeah, you know, I will always be the lucky one.

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