May 16, 2011

Back in Action!

Finally I am back to write!

I’ve been encountered the busiest days in my life! Hahaha… I’m being dramatic again. Well, remember what I told you before, that I made stuff from felt fabric? Yeah, the business ran well and there were some stores interested in my products. I had to make, at least, 20 hair hands or key chains for each store. Fyuuuh… What a job!

Now I am in my relax mode. I don’t have any felt order yet, so I can use my time to write, read, clean my bedroom [it was a mess], and to do new things I couldn’t do before; exercising.

Yeah, I gain weight, hahaha… 3 months in Spain and I am fatter. But it’s not just me who gets fatter, Antonio does, too! So, both of us decided to lose weight healthily. We eat more vegetables [I love his Caesar salad!] and walk. Whenever I am not too lazy to walk, I spend 1 hour walking around the village. I don’t want to walk like walking as sports, but I want to walk to enjoy the environment around me; the birds singing, the air, the flowers. It’s a lot more fun than walking so fast that I won’t be able to see what’s going on around me.

I really love walking in the morning. It makes me feel great. You can try it, too. Spend some 30 minutes each morning to walk and enjoy the things around you, and you’ll see how you’ll have your day feel great. And your body will feel great, too.

Well, actually I have to prepare myself for the Spain’s wedding party on July 2. I have to look fabulous on that day, hehehe… I have bought the wedding dress [well, my mother-in-law bought it for me], and it’s amazing! I love the dress! And since the dress is a surprise for Antonio because he can’t see it until the D-day, I want to make him stunned when he sees me.

So, let’s get the exercises started!

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