May 16, 2011

The Dog I Miss

Few days ago, my father-in-law brought a puppy home. It was a puppy of his dog at the campo. The dog was female, and it was brown. My father-in-law said that it was around 3-week old. I suddenly fell in love with that dog.

The thing was that, I couldn’t keep the dog because we are not allowed to have dogs (or cats) at home. Well, my sister-in-law thought that the dog would be smelly, and it would destroy the sofa, and it would disturb the neighbors with the barks. But since my father-in-law would give the dog to a friend, it stayed for a night at home.

It was a small dog. It cried almost all the time, searching for its mother. Whenever it cried, I gave it milk and soon after it finished the milk, it would fall asleep. And it would wake up to pee (and cry, of course).

The first night was terrible. At first, Antonio put it in our bedroom, to avoid the noise it would make, and to make us easier to give it the milk. But it kept crying and so Antonio put it in the bathroom. But still, we could hear it cry.

The next morning when I woke up, I went to the bathroom and I found it on the shower floor, wet (for his pee). I gave it milk and dried its body using the hairdryer. Surely it was thirsty all night. And cold. What a poor dog.

I took it to the terrace where it had more space to walk. And it started walking. It was so funny to see it walk, because it couldn’t walk well still. We spent some time there, and I could feel that we got closer. When I sat on the chair, it came closer and slept on my foot.

I had to go to Pozoblanco in the afternoon with my mother-in-law, but when I came back home, the dog wasn’t there. Antonio said that my father-in-law put it back in the campo so that it could be with its mother. I knew I shouldn’t have been so sad because its mother was the most perfect side the dog could be, but I felt so sad. I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. And moreover, it went away when we could finally get closer, when I could feel that it began to like me. So I cried.

I know it sounds so childish to cry for a dog, but I really want to have a dog. But at least, I finally had a dog for a day. I can’t wait to move to our own home and have my own dog.

The dog looks like just like that. So cute, isn't it?

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