May 17, 2011

Mix and Match

I honestly don’t know much about fashion and style. The normal clothes I wear are just a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and shoes or sandals. I don’t know how to mix and match clothes so that they will look great for the person who wears them.

Since I arrived in Spain, my curiosity about fashion enhances, especially when I see the women here who are so good at mixing and matching the clothes they wear. I personally think that the young Spanish women are good at fashion, and that makes me want to improve my fashion knowledge as well.

One of my friends has just started his new business as a personal shopper, and so she often shares about her fashion ideas with me. She makes some sets in her blog and that makes me interested to make my own sets. I found this website called Polyvore that helps me to make sets. It provides lots of clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelries from lots of designers that make me easier to make the sets.

My first set is inspired from my cousin’s communion next Saturday. My mother-in-law bought me a red dress (which, in my opinion, is a bit too sexy for me since it has very low V-neck), and so I try to find some complementary stuff for the dress. Here is the result:

That red dress looks almost the same as my dress (my dress has a hole on the chest, if you understand what I mean). I have grey sandals, so I put them in the set. And I just have to find a red bracelet and a pair of earrings.

What do you think?

(disclaimer: I am not trying to be a personal shopper or fashion stylist. Just make it for myself)

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