May 16, 2011

My Name is ANGAN

I bet you have already known what my name really is. My name is Dewie Angan, but I prefer people call me Dea (for some reasons). Angan is not my surname. It’s my last name. Surname isn’t very common in Indonesia, actually. Dewie, in bahasa Indonesia, means goddess. While Angan means dreaming. So let’s say, Dewie Angan means a goddess who loves dreaming.

I think it’s true that a name carries the person’s personalities or characters. Just like my name, angan, I love dreaming. I love using my imagination to create my own world. I love visualizing the things I want as if they are already mine.

I used to hate my name, because I thought that what I wanted would be just a dream and never turn into reality. But I realized it few years ago, that by dreaming, imagining, or visualizing the things that I wanted, those things could really turn into reality.

I love spending some minutes before I go to sleep to imagine the life I want. I mostly visualize the things I want to have or do in my life. Back to years later, I always dreamt that I would go to Spain, for vacation or for watching football matches and MotoGP (I love them!). So when I was about to sleep, I imagined myself being in Spain, in the football stadium, or in the MotoGP circuit. It felt really good, and I could feel as if I was really there.

And so, what I imagined every night is now a reality. I am in Spain now, not just for vacation, but I live here! I visited the football stadium—Santiago Bernabeu—in Madrid (I love Real Madrid!) and lots of other places there that I never knew existed, hahaha… But most of all, it’s not just Spain I got, but also a very great guy who becomes my husband. I met him because I imagined him before as well!

So, my name brings me lots of luck. I am proud to be Dewie Angan, the dreaming goddess. Because by dreaming, I can reach what I always want or do in my life. Dreams have brought me tons of joy.

When you can dream about it, you can have it ;)

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