May 17, 2011

The Short Pants

Spring has come and summer is about to begin. I didn’t bring many clothes when I went to Spain last February. One of the reasons is that I (and Antonio) thought that I wouldn’t need my Indonesian clothes because it would be freaky cold when I came. And well, it’s true. It was the coldest month that I encountered in my life! I thought I would die for freezing.

Now that the weather is better, I don’t have many clothes to wear. I even have to wear Antonio’s clothes. He doesn’t mind at all, I guess. But still, I need some clothes to wear. And since I prefer to shop online, I searched for Spanish online shops. One of the shops I like (not only it has nice stocks, but also because it has reasonable price) is Venca.

I browsed some clothes yesterday and booked a pair of short pants.

They are just regular pants, yet I am trying to find what to wear with them when summer comes. Whether it is a tank top, a T-shirt, or a pair of flat shoes, I don’t have any ideas yet. Whatever that is, I want to look elegant with those pants. A bit difficult, huh? Any ideas?

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