June 08, 2011

Beastly: a Movie Review

Love is never ugly.

That is the tagline of the movie I recently watched, Beastly. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It kinds of remind us of the classic move, Beauty and the Beast—and yes, it’s the modern version of Beauty and the Beast.

The story is about Kyle Kingston, an arrogant yet sexy and cute—I love Alex Pettyfer’s abs!—who was chosen to be the student body president. He intentionally made fun of Kendra Hilferty who was a witch in disguise. Kendra then transformed Kyle into an ugly bald scarred man to give him a lesson. Kyle would be trapped in the ugly looking forever if he couldn’t find someone who truly loved him before spring came.

Being ashamed of his new look, Rob, Kyle’s father, took his son to a different house where he lived with his maid, Zola, and his blind tutor, Will. Rob promised his son that he would accompany him, yet he stopped visiting him. Even so, Kyle found sympathy from Zola and Will.

As spring came closer, Kyle found himself in love with Lindy Taylor, a classmate whose father got in trouble and had to hide Lindy for her own safety. Kyle asked Lindy’s father to let him take care of her in his house. At first, Kyle—who changed his name into Hunter to keep his real identity—didn’t want to show his face to Lindy. On the other hand, Lindy began to like Hunter as he always treated her nicely.

The rest of the story? Well, if you know the story of Beauty and the Beast, you will know how it ends. Lindy finally fell for Kyle and she told him she loved him, and that changed Kyle’s face into his handsome face once again. Happy ending!

I personally think it’s a great movie to watch. I know the story is inspired by Beauty and the Beast—though it’s originally taken from a novel of the same title by Alex Flinn—yet it doesn’t fail to bring the romanticism. I love the way Kyle wrote letters every day to Lindy, yet he didn’t have any courage to give her the letters because he was afraid that she might not feel the same way.

Moreover, love is never ugly—classy, huh? I agree with that. When you really love someone, you won’t care how he looks like. What matters to you will be his personalities and the way he treats you. And that means, you really look him using your heart, and not your eyes. Because most of the time, a heart can see way better than what eyes can’t.

Beastly’ Casts:
Alex Pettyfer as Kyle Kingston
Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy Taylor
Mary-Kate Olsen as Kendra Hilferty


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