June 06, 2011

Letters to God: a Movie Review

I’ve just finished watching this movie, Letters to God, that I randomly picked up from the Internet. I saw the title several times when I was browsing some movies, and I didn’t pick it up because I knew it ended sadly. I don’t really like sad-ending movies because they will bring me to tears. I’m a bit melancholic, I think.

Anyway, Letters to God is a true story about an 8 year-old boy named Tyler Doherty who was suffering from cancer. He wrote a letter to God every day, and put the letter in his mailbox. A new postman called Brady happened to pick his letters. At first he wanted to drop the letters at church, but the pastor suggested that he should keep them. And so, Brady took the letters home.

To make it short, Brady and Tyler became friends. One day, Tyler got an opportunity to play in a soccer match, yet his mother didn’t allow him to. Brady helped Tyler persuade her to let him play at the match. His mother agreed and Tyler finally played as a goalkeeper. Yet, after the game ended, Tyler fainted. The doctor said that he got worse.

The end? You know it. Tyler died but he had given people around him hope and faith. A mailbox was put in his neighborhood, to people who wrote letters to God.

Letters to God aren’t just letters. They are prayers, too. There are many ways to pray, one of them is by writing letters to God. I myself love to write letters to God sometimes. Yet most of the time, I love to have conversation with Him (see My Conversation with God). No matter how you pray, God is always listening to you. He always hears your prayers and answers them. You just need to have faith.

May God bless you…


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