June 06, 2011

My Dream Board

I love making a dream board.

What is a dream board, actually? Well, actually it is the same as a vision board as frequently mentioned in The Secret. On this board, we put pictures of things we want in our life. They can be anything like our dream vacation places, our dream car, our dream house, and even a small thing such as the shoes or the dress that we see in the magazine.

Why do I love making a dream board? Well, I have been making this board since forever. Far before I knew The Secret, I had this idea already. I used to cut the pictures of things I loved from the magazine, and then I would stick them on my wall or on my diary. They gave me such amazing feeling that I couldn’t explain every time I saw those pictures. It felt as if I already had them all. And believe me, most of those pictures become my reality.

I left my dream board when I moved to Spain, and to tell the truth, I feel more confident when I have my dream board because I love looking at the pictures of things I love to happen in my life. And so, when Antonio and I were hanging out at a Chinese Store (they have everything), he asked me to buy this corkboard because he knew I love putting pictures on the wall.

And so I bought that corkboard. It was a normal one, boring color. That’s why I painted it red and put some decorations on it. Here is my dream board before I put no pictures on it:

And here is my dream board with the pictures of things I want to happen in my life:

Well, I know the pictures aren’t that clear, but perhaps you can see pictures of a laptop and a digital camera (I want those things), and some gowns (I want to wear them on some weddings I may attend in the future). I also put pictures of my dream house (the living room, the kitchen, and even the swimming pool), and my dream car. And of course, the countries where I want to have my vacation.

For me, having a dream board doesn’t make me feel like “Those things! I want those things but I can’t!” Nope. It isn’t something like that. Yet, having a dream board makes me feel like having the things I put on it and reminds me that I can have them all. I just have to believe in myself so I can live the life I’ve imagined.

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