June 12, 2011

Waiting For Forever: a Movie Review

Another lovely movie recommended!

If you love romantic movies, Waiting For Forever is definitely a movie to watch. The story is about Will Donner who always followed the woman he loved, Emma Twist, everywhere she went since he was a boy.

Will and Emma were best friends when they were kids. They spent their days together, played together and did things together. One day, Will and Emma was sitting on a rock, waiting for Will’s parents to come home. But they never came. They both died in a train crash. Having no one to take care of them, Will and his brother, Jim, moved to another city with their uncle and aunt.

Time went by and they grew up. Jim became a success banker yet Will spent his days following Emma. He did juggling for a living, becoming a clown. One day Will heard that Emma would return to her home because his father was sick, and so Will decided to go either.

They finally met, and Will told her everything, that he had been following her. Emma was shocked and asked him to stop. And so he did. Will left her and went to San Francisco.

The story is so romantic. It’s about how determined Will is to win Emma’s heart. He always believed that Emma and he were meant to be together. He acted like a secret admirer to her. On the other hand, it’s also a sad movie (it successfully brought me to tears—as you know, I cry easily on a sad movie). The world was not always like Will had imagined. There wasn’t fairytales like he thought.

One thing I like about this movie: Will’s determination and faith. He believed and he did anything to win her heart, even though she didn’t notice him. That’s what true love is. When you really love someone, all that matters is the person you love. When you can see him every day, even from the distance, that will be enough for you. Nothing matters but loving him.

Tom Sturridge as Will Donner (OMG! He’s so cute!)
Rachel Bilson as Emma Twist


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