July 14, 2011

I'm Back!

WOW! It seems like millions years ago since I wrote my last article. I miss writing in my blog and sharing my stories (though mostly I share weird ones).

Anyway, I've been quite busy for couple of weeks. Hahaha... Big lie! 

Nope, I didn't do anything important that caused me stopped writing here. Actually, I was re-married! And yes, to the same man.

It was on July 2 when I got re-married to my beloved and crazy husband. His family wanted another wedding because they couldn't attend our wedding in Indonesia. And so, we created a wedding (Spanish style, with the white gown and a tiara). Here are some photos taken on my Spanish wedding:

Did I look like a princess?? Hahaha... Many people said that I looked great on that gown (because the gown is white and I am tanned). I borrowed the tiara from my sister-in-law Elena (thank you, Sister!). And because I am not good at wearing heels, I just wore short heels (perhaps only 3 cm high). And yes, Antonio looked so hot in that suit! If I didn't have lipstick on my lips, I would have surely kissed him a lot, hahaha...

Anyway, finally I'm back teaching! 3 days ago, a woman came to my house and asked me if I could give her son an English class. I said yes, and I was a bit surprised when she said that she wanted to have the class EVERYDAY (except at the weekends). Well, it's summer time and the students are having their summer vacations (but still they have to finish some summer courses).

And so, every morning at 11.00 I have my English class with the boy. He learns fast, actually. Yet, he still needs to have lots of speaking and writing practices. He's terrible at pronunciation and spelling. Well, when I read his text book and handouts that his teacher gave him, I was kind of surprised. There are lots of translation exercises (from Spanish to English and viceversa). I don't say that translation is a bad exercise, but I prefer giving other exercises that really enhance my students' ability, either in grammar or pronunciation or spelling. 

I just wish I could contribute in making the handouts, hahaha...

But well, the boy wants me to teach him like what his teacher does, so... Well, I'll do it my way. He will be able to speak English perfectly, and write English words correctly. Let's just see!

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