July 14, 2011

The Vampire Diaries' Effect: I Dreamed I was Bitten by Damon!

Lately I spend my evenings watching this series, The Vampire Diaries. It's actually a series based on a book with the same name written by L. J. Smith. Well, I haven't read the book yet (though I saw it when I went to the bookstore), but I my friend told me that it's worth watching. And so I'm watching it (have just finished Episode 5).

Perhaps some of you have watched it (or read the book). The story is about Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) who falls in love with Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who reminds him of his past love Katherine. The relationship becomes more complicated when Stefan's vicious brother, Damon (Ian Somerhalder-he's cute!), plans a revenge against his brother. Damon also kills the people in Mystic River, a city where Stefan and Elena live.

The good thing about this series: they have good music choices for the soundtrack. My favorite (so far) is Katy Perry's Thinking of You (Episode 1). Very touching. Love the lyrics!

The bad thing about this series: I hate when someone has to die in every episode, hahaha...

You can find out more about the overview of this series by clicking here.

Anyway, talking about the effect of watching this series... Yes, last night I dreamed that Damon bit me! Weird dream, actually. And this kind of dream normally happens to me when I am fully concentrated to a certain movie (just like after I watched Titanic, I dreamed I was in a sinking ship). But well, if the vampire is as cute as Damon, I won't mind being bitten, hahaha... 

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