July 19, 2011

Got 3 Jobs in a Week!

Yesterday I went to my sister-in-law's bakery where she works and made some sweets cake. His boss asks me to try making those cake because he thinks I am creative enough (hehehe...). And so, I made 3 cake and the boss liked them. He wants me to work for him, to create some sweet cake. Here are the results:

I have another job, then. Hehehe...

And then, I got my first writing job from oDesk. I have to write 10 articles about Alpha Males (I knew about Alpha Males when I got this job, I didn't know about this before, hahaha). I enjoy writing for this project because it's so much fun! I am free to write and the best part is, I don't have to write for certain words (I hate when I have to do this). I have written 2 articles so far, and tomorrow I am planning to write 5 more articles. Wish me luck!

So, within a week I get 3 jobs; a private English teacher for a Spanish kid, a sweets cake designer (not sure if it's the appropriate term, hehehe), and a freelance writer. Not so bad, aren't they?

And by the way, today I got an email from Google (through oDesk), that they wanted to have an interview and a series of test to become their long-term web content writer. They demand me to have 40 hours a week. I am still thinking about this, because it demands quite lots of hours and I don't know if I will be able to write lots of articles in such period of time. But well, I think I will just have the interview for a trial. If I am lucky and this is the right job for me, then I will be accepted and enjoy doing it. Am I right?

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