August 03, 2011

Dream Accomplished: A Digital Camera

Remember when I posted an article about a dream board? (if you haven't read it, click here) In that article, I wrote about the dream board I made. I put pictures of things I want in my life on that board. One of the picture I put is a Sony Cybershot DCS-HX7V digital camera (in pink). Yes, I always want to have a digital camera (since I never had one, hahaha...). I love taking pictures (still learning to shoot good ones, though) and I love being photoed as well.

And so, 2 weeks ago my husband told me that he would buy a new digital camera for me. He asked me to look at some digital cameras on the Internet to make few choices. One of those choices is, of course, that Sony Cybershot DCS-HX7V. 

Yet, when I was browsing for other digital cameras, I fell in love with Nikon Coolprix L120. I remember that my friend (who is a photographer) always had Nikon as her camera. I know that Nikon is a great camera, and Nikon Coolprix L120 is a bridge camera (between a compact and a reflex camera). I just love its design (make me look like a professional photographer, hahaha..).

So in the end, I manifested one of my dreams. My dream board works even better than I expected it to do. Right now I am waiting for other dreams to manifest. What's next?

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