August 29, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone!
Well, perhaps not everyone. Only those who celebrate it :D

This year's Eid Mubarak is very different from what I normally had. When I used to live in Indonesia, people were all excited to prepare for Eid Mubarak. During fasting days, there were lots of sellers, selling food and snacks. There were only few restaurants open, because we aren't allowed to eat and drink during the day. And the night before Eid Mubarak, there was a festival called 'Takbiran'. 

My Eid Mubarak last year was great. I spent it with my family, Antonio and his family. It was 2 days before we got married, and it was Antonio's first Eid Mubarak. We went to a field where people had their pray. After that, we went home and ate 'Lontong Opor'--a typical Eid Mubarak food--and we went to visit other family.

I really miss the atmosphere during Eid Mubarak day. People forgive each other, everyone is happy and we share with each other. I hope I can spend next year's Eid Mubarak in Indonesia with my family. Really can't wait for that day...

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