August 24, 2011

I'm Back (Again)!

Hello… I am here now!

I know I don’t write my blog regularly nowadays. I spent the last few weeks on vacation. A month ago I went to Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Valencia. Then, 2 weeks ago I went to Malaga, Nerja and Granada. Finally, a week ago I went to Torremolino (in Malaga). If you see me right now, I am darker! In fact, I’ve never been as dark as I am now in my life!

But well, most women here are crazy about being dark. They spend lots of money on the tanning machine and they burn themselves under the sun just to be tanned. And me? I am naturally tanned! I don’t need the tanning machine nor do I need the sun. I guess I need to be grateful for that, hehehe…

Anyway, I’ve been busy writing some articles for my oDesk jobs. I get enough jobs and I enjoy writing the articles (though sometimes they make me crazy, hahaha). Also, I am preparing my online craft shop, Created by Dea. I’ve made the blog (you can see it here), and I am still doing some products for the shop.

Well, I haven’t got my residence permit yet, so I guess those activities can help me kill the boredom—as well as get money, hehehe. I hope as soon as I get my residence permit, I can get back to teach in a language course. I miss teaching a lot.

Anyway, I’ll continue doing my felt craft for my shop. See you soon!

Update (Sept. 2, 2011)
If you tried to click the link for my craft shop and it didn’t work, it’s because I made it private. I need to do some maintenance and work on more products before I make it public. Thanks for clicking, anyway :)

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