August 30, 2011

Inspirational Story: A Letter from God

I was scrolling down quotes at Board of Wisdom, and I found this one. It's pretty much interesting and I'd like to share it with you.

A Letter from God


This is Me.
This day I will take care all of your problems.

If this world thrusts you with problem that you can't solve it alone,
Don't try to solve it alone.
Put it in my box so that I can help you solve it.
I will solve your problems according to my schedule.

I will definitely solve all of your problems but, it’s according to my schedule—not yours.
You don’t have to think and worried about it.
Otherwise, you have to be focus on all the good things that is happening to you now.

If you got in a traffic jam on your way,
 don't be upset. There're many people out there in this world who had never ride a car before in his/her whole life.

If you have any problems in your workplace, think that there are still many people who are unemployed for years without a job.

If you're upset because there is a family matter, think that there are still many people in this world who have never felt love or be loved.

If you are bored when you have no activities at weekend, think of people who have overtime day and night without rest so that they can support their family.

If your vehicle is breaking down and it requires you to walk, don't be upset. Think that there are still many disabled people who really want to feel running over their own feet.

If you look in the mirror and your hair starts going gray, don't be sad.
Hair has been a dream for people who undergo chemotherapy.

When you contemplate the meaning of life in this world and reflect on what your life purpose is… Be thankful. There're many people that have no chance of living long enough to contemplate their lives.



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