August 29, 2011

Typical Eid Mubarak Food I Desperately Want to Eat

So here are typical Eid Mubarak food I desperately want to eat (guess I have to cook them myself tomorrow):

Lontong Opor

Lontong Opor basically contains of chicken and rice. Lontong is actually a kind of pressed rice, normally steamed inside banana leaves. The chicken is cook with the ingredients (of course!) and coconut milk. To serve it, spread some fried shallot and shrimp crackers. Adding some chilies is a good option to make it more delicious. GOSH! I really want to eat it!!!

Sambal Goreng Ati

Sambal Goreng Ati is made of chilies (lots of chilies!), potatoes, chicken's liver and chopped meat. Ati is actually the Javanese language of liver. Some people do not want to eat ati because they think it is dirty and bla bla bla, but it is delicious, actually. Sambal Goreng Ati is Lontong Opor's soul mate. You cannot separate them!

Kolak Pisang

Kolak Pisang is made of bananas, coconut milk, palm sugar, jackfruit and pumpkin. Pisang is banana in English. Kolak is normally served during the evenings when people break their fast. It tastes sweet and, of course, yummy! My Mom used to make Kolak for me during Ramadhan and on Eid Mubarak day. 

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