September 27, 2011

DIY: Dry-Erased Calendar

Other than my husband—and chicken—there’s one more thing I can’t live without: organizer. I’m used to write plans, appointments, ideas, to-do lists and even diaries in my organizer. Without it, I can’t seem to go through life perfectly.

This is my current organizer. In there are my appointments, ideas, etc. However, it’s sometimes unpractical because I have to open it over and over again to check and recheck my agenda.

Gratefully, I found the Dry-Erased Calendar idea on Google and I tried to make one, too. Here’s the result:

This calendar also functions as a monthly and weekly planner—PLUS a special planner for Antonio (because he forgets things easily). I bought a cheap frame at a Chinese store for only €8 and some matter white and pink paper. I created the days label with Microsoft Word and printed it. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

This calendar does help me a lot to organize my little-bit busy schedule since I don’t have to check my organizer all the time and can merely look at my wall, where I put my calendar on.

If you need to be more organized, create this totally-easy-to-make calendar, too!

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