September 23, 2011

DIY: ‘I Love You Because’ Frame

I actually got this idea when I was googling for handmade crafts as I am in the mood of crafting right now. So, I made this dry-erased ‘I © You Because’ Frame using an old frame my sister-in-law gave me before.

To make this ‘I © You Because’ Frame, you’ll need:
·      A frame
·      Acrylic paint
·      Computer
·      Printer
·      White matte paper
·      Felt fabric

·      Paint your frame with acrylic paint. You can paint it with any of your preferred color (mine is black).
·      Using Ms. Word, make the ‘i you because:’ letters and print them on a piece of white matte paper.
·      Draw a heart shape on a small piece of red felt fabric. Cut it out and stick it on the paper, between the ‘i’ and ‘you’.
·      Place the paper in the frame and voila, you have your own ‘I © You Because’ Frame ready.

Creating this frame is a fun idea between you and your spouse. As for me and Antonio, we fill the reasons with whatever reasons come up in our mind (yeah, you can read what I wrote, haha). Try to write different reasons every day to let your spouse know why you love him/her more each day; this frame is a mean to express your love to your spouse. You can write silly reason, like ‘you smell like a gummy Bear’, or romantic one, such as ‘you brought me flowers home’. Place this frame in your bedroom or living room as it functions as a decoration as well.

Try create one, too!

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