September 24, 2011

DIY: Money Jars for Kids

When I was a child, I bought lots of candies and snacks. I didn’t have any piggy bank because I would certainly break it out or steal some coins inside of it. In short, I didn’t have any savings at all and I often found difficulties when I wanted to purchase certain things. Most of the times I needed to beg my parents to but those items for me—but it didn’t always work and I would end up not having the things I wanted.

I understand how important it is to have a saving; thus, when I have kids later, I’ll teach them to save their money (because I don’t want my kids to experience the same thing as I did). I will make them these Money Jars for Kids that I got from Bits of Everything:

These jars are so effortlessly to make; you can just grab any empty jars at home and magically turn them out into saving jars! Also, if you check on Bits of Everything, you can also find the tutorials on how to make these jars PLUS a printable, downloaded money worksheet, which helps kids track their earned money!

How genius is that?

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