September 01, 2011

Every beautiful sunset needs a cloudy sky

Paulo Coelho once said, “Every beautiful sunset needs a cloudy sky.”

Often in our lives, we struggle for reaching our dreams or having the things we want. Yet, we also often find difficulties in an attempt to accomplish those things. I always believe that when we cannot have something we want, it means God does not allow us to have it. It also means that God has something better for us and that He will give it to us in His own time.

Few days ago, I had a Skype interview with Google. They offered me some tests, and if I was able to pass all tests given, they would hire me as a website content analyst. When I first read their invitation, I was like, “WOW! It’s Google! GOOGLE! How awesome it will be to work for it!”

And so, I replied their invitation and scheduled for a Skype interview. The interview ran well and they sent me the first test by email. I did the test the best I could and patiently waited for the result. If I could pass the first test, they would give me another one.

This morning when I was writing an article for my freelance jobs, I got an email from them. Sadly, they said they couldn’t hire me because I didn’t have the qualifications they were searching for.

I was sad, yes. I had imagined working with them—even though only as a freelancer—and the knowledge I would get. It just disappeared in a matter of minute.

But I didn’t allow myself to be in a deeply sorrow for so long. I finished my article soon, then I went to the kitchen and started to clean the dishes (there were lots of them!). Finished with the dishes, I cleaned my bedroom, the furniture and the entire house. While I was mopping the floor, I had this inner voice saying to me, “It’s OK. They don’t accept you, but it won’t stop you from getting a better opportunity. If you don’t have it, then it doesn’t belong to you. God is giving you something better.” And I knew things would be just fine.

When I finished the cleaning, I went back to my room. There was a new email. Someone who owes a Spanish publisher company wanted me to translate some documents into bahasa Indonesia. I was excited! And when he said that he wanted me to be his personal bahasa Indonesia translator, I was thrilled. “Is this what God wanted to say by not letting me work with Google?” I thought. He found me in a translation website that I didn’t even remember I used to make a profile there. WOW!

I excitedly replied his message and—of course—said yes to his offer. I’ll begin my first Spanish – bahasa Indonesia job tomorrow. Really can’t wait to start!

I definitely agree with Paulo Coelho. Every beautiful sunset needs a cloudy sky. My cloudy sky is Google’s rejection over my application. And my beautiful sunsets came just in a matter of minutes.

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