September 23, 2011

Gizmo I'm in Love

I was first introduced to Gizmo a week ago. My husband and I were sharing about our childhood memories—we were talking about popular movies we watched when we were kids. That was when Gizmo was mentioned. This is what our conversation looked like, though the real one was spoken in Spanglish—Spanish English.

Antonio  : Have you ever watched a movie about a sort of creature that multiplies when he gets wet?
Me         : Never heard of that. What’s the title?
Antonio  : I don’t remember. Wait. (he grabbed my laptop and start googling) Gremlins. It’s the title.
Me         : I don’t know about that.
Antonio  : Do you want to watch it?
Me         : But you’ve watched it before.
Antonio  : I forgot it already. It used to be very famous.
Me         : Well, okay. Let’s watch it.

And so, we watched that movie together, Gremlins 1, and I fell in love with that little, cute, adorable creature named Gizmo. I begged Antonio to get me a Gizmo doll, but he said that it wasn’t available anymore. I didn’t give up. I googled for Gizmo sellers and I found a cheap one: €12 ONLY! I ordered it at once and it was delivered last Tuesday.

Look at how adorable he is!

There’re plenty variations of Gizmo dolls, one of them can even dance and sing! I found it on YouTube. Check it out!

Cute, isn’t it?

Well, Antonio told me that there would be Gremlins 3 on cinema in 2014 (two more years!), so there will likely more Gizmo merchandizes later. I’ll have more options to buy. Yaaay!

Ah, when my Gizmo was delivered and Antonio saw it (because I didn’t tell him I bought it), he asked me, “So now you dump Tweety for Gizmo?” Hahaha. Well, I like both of them. So Tweety, relax; you’re still my idol.

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