September 16, 2011

Gratitude Jar

What are you grateful for today?

Instead of saying “thank you” and being grateful for what we have, we normally curse and complain about our condition. ‘I hate my job!’, ‘I don’t like being fat!’, ‘I don’t have money to buy those shoes!’, “My boss is a blood-drinking witch!’ are examples of how we see and react to our situation.

You hate your job. At least you are employed. Plenty of people are looking for a job, and you’re lucky to have one. Be grateful for it!

You don’t like being fat. It means you have enough food to eat. Look at those who don’t even have money to buy food. Be grateful for the food you eat!

You don’t have money to buy those shoes. Yet, do you have money to buy an ice cream? At least you have some money. Be grateful for your money no matter how little it is!

Your boss is a blood-drinking witch. If you have a boss, then you must have a job. You earn money each month and you can live with it. Be grateful!

When you’re grateful, you’ll end up getting more. Therefore, instead of complaining, let’s just be thankful for the things you have. I made this gratitude jar to allow me practicing gratitude every day. It’s made of a recycled jar and I decorated it with felt fabric.

I write the things I am thankful for each day on a piece of small paper, and I put it in the jar. By doing so, I will be learning to be grateful for every little thing I have. It’s fun and it shall give me more things. You can make your own gratitude jar, too!

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