September 14, 2011

1 Year

It’s official!

Mu husband and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary today! Yuuuhuuuu!!!

Remember when I asked some advice on what gift I could make for this anniversary? Well, I wanted to make two felt dolls—couple dolls—but my writing jobs didn’t allow me to. I got SO MANY articles to write (now I think my brain is on fire). So, yesterday evening I got this idea: picture collage!

Yeah, I remembered I still had a photo frame and I had small-sized photos of my Spanish wedding. I cut those photos out and glued them in a piece of white matte paper. And voila! My first photo collage is now decorating my room!

And this afternoon when I was preparing food for lunch, my husband came back from work and he gave me a red rose! Wiiiiiiiiiii! I was surprised because it was my first rose given from my husband, hahaha… (too sad; he never gave me a flower before).

Anyway, everything is beyond perfection today (despite the fact that I had to write two 950 word articles in four hours). I’m super happy that we finally made to our first anniversary. And of course, we’re looking forward to lots of anniversaries to come.

Love is all about WE!

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