September 23, 2011

Kids ID Tags

I called my friend yesterday and we were talking and—not to mention—gossiping. After minutes of chit-chatting, I knew that she lost her little boy when they were having a vacation. I was like, “NO WAY!” I am not a mother, yet, but I can imagine what I feel if I lost my child. Surely it’s heart-tearing.

Luckily, I found this brilliant idea when I was browsing on the net; Kids ID Tags.

As you can see from the image above, you can merely write your child’s name and your contact number on the card and print it out. Whenever you’re out with your kids—to the zoo, to the festival or even just to a nearby supermarket—they should carry that card in their pocket. Thus, if they get lost—though we don’t expect that—people can easily help them to find you.

I got this idea from Leelou Blogs and she has even provided you with free printable tags. You can download different tags here.

Leelou Blogs  
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