September 26, 2011

My Spotlight

Perhaps some of you have already known that I work as a freelance writer for UniversalWorkers. It wasn’t easy at first because I needed to revise my articles often since I wasn’t really accustomed to writing ‘formal’ articles. However, my employer patiently encouraged me to improve my writing skill and he finally wrote a compliment for my work:

Writer Spotlight: D. Angan
When it comes to perfection, dedication and quality, one name comesto mind: D. Angan. She's not only an employee of Universal Workers;she's a motivational writer with an influential gift. Like many others, shehas been highly-impressive. Her ability to write an 800 word articlewithin three hours is immaculate. Indeed, this is the perfect example ofhigh-quality dedication. Dea had her share of ups & downs; she quicklycorrected the dilemma. This should spark-a-fuse in all of you; the biblesays, "Lead by example," Dea echoes this expression, so should all ofyou, writer or non-writer.
Your work is widely respected and greatly appreciated.

Wooohooooo! Dea, you’re absolutely impressive. Hehe.

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