September 03, 2011

Working from Home: Fun or Boring?

I’ve been a freelance writer—and recently translator—for one month. I enjoy my job because I love writing. Besides, I learn new things every time I write about topics which I have never heard about before. Take an example; finance. At first, it was difficult for me to write articles about finance because I didn’t know anything about it. Numbers and all the finance terms made me dizzy. But well, I had to be professional. I couldn’t say, “Can you give me easier topics, like love for instance?” Hell yeah! My employer wouldn’t send me more assignments the next day, sure.

Being a freelance writer is a lot of fun because I can work from home! And why on Earth do I say so? Here are my reasons:

·           I don’t have to go outside. When it rains outside, I don’t have to be under the rain. When it’s extremely hot outside, I am very comfortable inside with the AC on. And yes, I don’t have to get trapped at traffic jams.
·           I can write while doing other activities. I can write while cooking (I’ve done it several times). I can write while cleaning my house (I do it sometimes). I can write while talking to my friends on the phone or messengers (I often do it). I can write while eating (mm, I always do it).
·           When I’m tired, I can just stop writing for a moment and watch TV (or sleep).
·           I don’t need to wear fancy clothes. I can just wear my pajamas while working. No need to do my hair, or wear makeup, or even—this is gross—take a bath.
·            I can save money because I don’t need to pay any gasoline or take a public transportation to take me to my office. My room is my office!

However, working from home isn’t all about fun either. Yeah, perhaps you’re wondering, “Now she says she doesn’t like her job!” Hold on! I don’t say I don’t like my job. I’m trying to say that there are things which make this job seem not-so-fun, such as:

·           I don’t have a social life because I spend most of my time at home.
·           Though I am well paid for my freelance job, it isn’t as much as a regular job.
·           I can’t enjoy the beauty of nature or see what is happening outside (like the road fixed on the way to the office) because I am always inside the house.
·           My butt hurts! I sit almost 8 hours a day. And yeah, my back hurts, too (I definitely need a new chair).
·           I feel lonely because I don’t have someone to have fun with. If only I worked in an office and I had a desk mate, I would talk to him/her during the job.

But well, good or bad I have to love what I am doing. Even though this job makes my butt hurt so bad (new chair!!), I am grateful because at least I have a job. There are plenty of people out there who wish to have a job—any kinds of job. And I have one. And I earn my own money. And I can buy stuff I want with this money. Yaaay!

My job is, unquestionably, the best job I can imagine at the moment.

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